5K Friday!


Yesterday I read a suggestion for 5K Fridays on Twitter. At first I declined since I usually take Friday as a Rest Day. I mean, rest days are sacred in my book! But, last night when I was re-writing my training plan I realized I could fit it in, so I wrote it into my calendar. The original idea was from Weight In Vain. I’ll be posting about my 5K Fridays through the end of … [Read more...]

Who Else Is Going To Tri?


I never posted again yesterday because I got caught up in errands and then spent too long re-writing my marathon training schedule so it would incorporate training for my first triathlon! Now that my new training program is settled I can blog and write and pick a winner. So, who’s the lucky person to join me in an upcoming Iron Girl triathlon??? Winner: Lindsey Guerrero … [Read more...]