Who Else Is Going To Tri?

I never posted again yesterday because I got caught up in errands and then spent too long re-writing my marathon training schedule so it would incorporate training for my first triathlon!

Now that my new training program is settled I can blog and write and pick a winner.

So, who’s the lucky person to join me in an upcoming Iron Girl triathlon???


Lindsey Guerrero says:

I would loooove to do the Boulder, CO tri! Beautiful scenery! I just finished my first full marathon which I never thought I would be able to do, so I figured a triathlon was the next step! I just purchased a bike to start training for my first tri but I too am VERY nervous about the swim!

Lindsey please email me your address and contact information icon smile Who Else Is Going To Tri?

Here is a quick replay of my eats yesterday…

IMG 9834 thumb1 Who Else Is Going To Tri? IMG 9841 thumb Who Else Is Going To Tri?

Didn’t like this…IMG 9842 thumb Who Else Is Going To Tri?

So, I dumped some out and added a lot of cereal… IMG 9843 thumb Who Else Is Going To Tri?

(Unpictured – crackers with hummus. More Cherries. )

IMG 9846 thumb Who Else Is Going To Tri?

IMG 9847 thumb Who Else Is Going To Tri?

Trail Running! I really want to try trail running, but I think the whole “marathon and first triathlon thing” is going to put that on the back burner. But, if you’re interested in trail running here is a good Trail Shoe Guide from Running Times.

Now I’m off for my 5K Friday Run – more on this in a bit!!!


  1. says

    Is your dinner beans and broc? It looks SO good! I was considering doing a Tri a Tri – but my bike is in rough shape and may need some fixing up, or if I could borrow a bike from someone it may be possible.

  2. says

    I love trail running! I definitely want to do more of that! I’m hoping to do my first tri next summer. I even have one in mind!

  3. Tawny says

    What brand of greek Yogurt do you like? I bought that Dannon stuff, and I did not care for it. But I have been wanting to try another kind what would you reccomend?

  4. says

    Trail running is so much fun! I actually prefer trails now to pavement (only run on pavement once a week now) because trails are a lot better for your joints and it works your entire leg because you are constantly moving in different directions. We do a lot of trail runs in Santa Monica, Malibu and sometimes in the Valley (Tarzana, Agoura, Woodland Hills). Trails are so great because it builds up your endurance and when you hit the pavement, running feels so much easier

  5. Marlon @MeInTheBalance says

    I’ve seen Chobani at the Albertson’s I go to in Fullerton. They don’t always have it in stock, though. Also, I might have seen it at Sprouts Farmer’s Market.

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