Crap Free Week Part II


I’ve done Crap Free Week in the past, so this is CFW Part II. The last few weeks have been crazy – I moved across the country again, moved back into my mom’s for a month and partook in lots of celebrations. I  have been eating way too much processed food and sweets. I mean, after a day full of fried food, cake and ice cream – this was dinner x2! If anyone ever needed a … [Read more...]

Berth 55 in Long Beach


In my family the birthday boy or girl gets to pick where they want to have dinner. Since it was my brother Michael’s birthday today he chose Berth 55 in Long Beach for lunch. Berth 55 is a counter service seafood deli right on the water in the Port of Long Beach. My brother has raved about this place for three years now, but I’ve never tried it until today. The menus … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Michael and Double Digit Rule


Last night I carb loaded like I was running a Marathon today. My brother suggested L&L Hawaiian BBQ and I was skeptical at first, but it’s his b-day today so I went for it. The other times I’ve been there it’s all bbq chicken and macaroni salad. But this time I noticed a “Healthy Menu” listing. What?! I was super excited because this is one of those places where I thought … [Read more...]