Crap Free Week Part II

I’ve done Crap Free Week in the past, so this is CFW Part II. The last few weeks have been crazy – I moved across the country again, moved back into my mom’s for a month and partook in lots of celebrations. I  have been eating way too much processed food and sweets.

I mean, after a day full of fried food, cake and ice cream – this was dinner x2! IMG_9921If anyone ever needed a CFW it’s ME right NOW. 

I decided a Crap Free Week was in order. The originator of CFW was Chandra, but many others have followed in her footsteps. Everyone that has done CFW since Chandra has tweaked it to their own needs/crap issues :)

The “crap” that’s a problem in my life is sugar, white flour, snack foods (crackers, granola bars, sugar cereal) and sugar substitutes. So, my Crap Free Week will avoid those foods. I started today and it will run through next Saturday.

The Crapsugar, white flour, snack foods (sugar cereals, granola bars, crackers), sugar substitutes. I am going to try and cut back on sugar subs, but still will have the occasional piece of sf gum.

The Goods – whole wheat breads, low sugar/high fiber cereals, nut butters, eggs, beans, veggie burgers, yogurt, and other whole foods.

The Goals – Eliminate my constant cravings for sweets and random handfuls of snack foods.

I am cutting out all obvious desserts, but I will also avoid any food with more than 9g of sugar per serving. I will make ONE exception for greek yogurt since that’s one of my best sources of protein right now.

I started my crap free week day with a walk and then made breakfast. Since Ben was having eggs I wanted them too. I cooked up onions, salsa, spinach and egg beaters. Then, stuffed it all into a tortilla with avocado and ketchup. IMG_9924

Plus H2O melon and iced coffee :)IMG_9923


Actually, I finished off the rest of the watermelon so I could cut the next one. I have a fresh watermelon on hand at all times when they’re in season! I don’t care how this looks, the juice is so refreshing! IMG_9926

Lunch – If I don’t have nut butter for breakfast I have to have it for lunch! I made a yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt, Blueberry Vitatop and Almond Butter. Ben said this looked like dessert. I have to agree that it tasted like dessert too!IMG_9927

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!


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    Some people would call this detox but Crap Free sounds so much more fun. I would have to cut out the wine too if I did CFW. boo. But probably well needed.

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    “If i dont have nut butter for lunch i have to have it for lunch!” hahaha! you cracked me up – bc i think you meant to say breakfast!! and that is totally something i would do!!

    CRAP FREE WEEK sounds great! i drink the watermelon juice too!! do they make watermelon juice? they should. i would buy it

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    I need a CFW as well… I moved home a week ago because I just graduated from university, and let’s just say home comforts are…comforting me right now 😉 I’m the same as you – I have trouble with cereals and granola bars. I wish we got Vita Tops in Europe, but I can’t seem to find any equivalent :( I love breakfast for lunch/dinner! If I have a savoury breakfast then I go sweet for the next meal without exception :)

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    Good luck with the rest of the week! I’m doing an unofficial “cut the carbs” week because that was basically all I ate for 4 days! I just can’t seem to kick my post-meal dark chocolate habit though. :/

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