Steamy Wrap and Roll


Since I have a long commute for the next couple of weeks I need to come up with some portable breakfast recipes. Stay tuned because today wasn’t the best representation of that. Today I made a quick egg scramble with spinach and salsa. Even though it’s in a tortilla, this meal is still very messy. Salsa in a tortilla leaks juice and can cause a mess. Travel and eat wisely! … [Read more...]

Get To Work


I casually mentioned that I was starting my new job today. I don’t really want to talk about it too much since I’m not sure if it’s cool with them for me to talk about, but I can tell you I’m working as an Office Administrator in Orange County very close to my soon to be new condo :) The position is 30 hours a week so I will have time to pursue more writing work and finally … [Read more...]