How do you describe your eating style or food philosophy? I find that I am often in situations where it’s obvious that I eat differently from the people around me and I say different things depending on my mood.

Today I am “Eccentricicon smile Eccentric

My response was greeted with a smile and it was a non-issue. Smooth sailing that time!

Run – This morning I did a tempo run with a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles tempo at around 8:31/mile and 1.5 mile cool down. The tempo miles were supposed to be around 8:09, so I need to speed it up next time!

My breakfast on the go this morning was a piece of Almond Butter toastIMG 9981 thumb Eccentric

and massive smoothie. I used my mom’s Starbucks cup, but I need a bigger one.IMG 9980 thumb Eccentric In the smoothie: ice, protein powder, spinach, water, chia seeds, love

Matt drank the rest that didn’t fit in the cup icon smile Eccentric He said it wasn’t “that green” this time, so he liked it even more.IMG 9983 thumb Eccentric

Mid-morning I snacked on the bed roadside cherries I’ve ever had. Love cherry season.

Remember when I brought them home Sunday? Happy times. IMG 9932 thumb Eccentric

Lunch - My company ordered lunch from Pizza Hut today. I had already packed my lunch, but I wasn’t planning on having any because it was the Chicken Alfredo Pasta (and I’ve decided against the whole chicken/cow/pig thing).

When a co-worker asked if I would be eating it too I said I was “eccentric about that stuff”. He and I had already had a conversation about how I don’t eat meat yesterday, so he realized what I was talking about and laughed.

I did still have pasta though since I brought a Kashi frozen meal – Pesto Pasta PrimaveraIMG 9984 thumb Eccentric

The nutritional information is pretty good for a frozie… 290 cals, 11g fat, 7g fiber, 11g proteinIMG 9987 thumb Eccentric

Frozen meals must be plated for maximum satisfaction, even if it’s on a paper plate in a lunch room. Actually, especially if it’s in a lunch room! I need to bring some cute dishes to work for pretty blogging. IMG 9989 thumb Eccentric

Up close and personal with my pasta -

IMG 9991 thumb Eccentric 

And a Vitamin Water that I was supposed to save for later, but failed. IMG 9992 thumb Eccentric

Since lunch is just over 300 cals I may add a Vitatop in there so it’ll keep me full for a few hours.

Question: Besides “Healthy” what is ONE word to describe your food philosophy or eating style?


  1. says

    Balanced! And also intuitive. :) I try to really listen to what my body is hungry for based on workouts, weather, sleep, mood, etc.

  2. says

    I would say “FUEL”.
    I have started making myself think of food as fuel instead of an experience…….I indulge less if I do that!!

  3. says

    Open-minded. It still counts as one word because it’s hyphenated, right? Ever since I began reading blogs, and writing my own, I find myself more willing to try foods that are considered “out there.” At this point, I will probably try anything once. If I don’t like it, well then at least I’ll have a funny post to fall back on.

  4. Martha says

    I either say my eating is “unconventional” or “high-maintenance.” Not that it actually is either of those things, necessarily, but it’s usually accurate to the person asking!

  5. says

    Discretionary… some days I eat really fantastic foods, other days I just can’t turn down an ice cream sandwich. (Whoops, was that today?! haha)

  6. says

    Lately the best way to describe it is situational. I need my routine back! Hope the move went well and that you are doing great!

  7. says

    Experimental… I research or hear about the benefits of certain foods (or superfoods) and try them out to see how they react with my body or make me feel. But also, I like to try most things once- esp. if it’s in another country.
    Good question, I loved reading the different answers.

  8. says

    I love that you describe your eating style as eccentric. I think I would say mine would be eclectic. Definitely unconventional but enticing all the same.

  9. says

    Eccentric! Love it! I’d describe mine as boring. I eat the same thing over and over and over. I’m jealous of your cherries! Mmmmmm

  10. says

    I love Vitamin Zero water. Delicious! I haven’t had any of the Kashi frozen meals yet… always seems that those frozen meals never hold me over.

  11. says

    I’m a day late, but I’d say my eating style is “changing.” I am slowly learning about fueling my body, instead of just looking at the numbers.

    also, what did you think of the pesto primavera meal in this post? I’m just curious because I had it last week and thought it was awful – I couldn’t even stomach half of it. but I LOVE all of the ingredients, so I wonder if I just got a bad batch. hence, I thought I’d see what you thought of it. ;)

  12. says

    Evolving…growing…I eat a lot more types of foods now. I eat way more types of fruits, veggies, and grains so I think there are way more options for me since I embarked on my healthy eating journey.

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