Agua Frescas

Agua Frescas is Spanish for “Fresh Water”. It is a sweet drink of water, fresh fruit juice, sugar and fresh fruit.

They come in many different flavors but the most popular are Watermelon, Strawberry or Horchata.IMG 0037 thumb Agua Frescas

There are a lot of places you can get agua fresca around here – they sell them at super markets, restaurants, swap meets, outside a random place… you get the idea.

Today my brother, Michael, bought me one. A hot day and an agua fresca make an excellent pair icon smile Agua Frescas

IMG 0041 thumb Agua Frescas

This drink was packed full of fruit, I don’t think I could really tell them all apart – there was banana, apple. pear, mango and plum, maybe more…IMG 0045 thumb Agua Frescas

Digging the fruit out with a spoon is one of the best parts because it has soaked up the juice icon smile Agua Frescas

I’m going to come up with a recipe for agua fresca for those of you who don’t live in an area surrounded by yummy Mexican treats. But for now you can fawn over my refreshment.IMG 0044 thumb Agua Frescas

Lunch with my agua fresca – sandwich, chips and strawberries. IMG 0033 thumb Agua Frescas


After lunch I went to see Despicable Me with the fam. I had a few handfuls of communal popcorn and a few hard candies. 

IMG 0038 thumb Agua Frescas

Dinner was leftovers from WF and now I’m going in for a small something because I ate three hours ago (early bird special?) and am hungry again.

See you in the morning icon smile Agua Frescas


  1. Ana says

    I love aguas frescas!

    I’m from Sonora and you can get aguas frescas all year.

    My favorites are horchata, cebada and jamaica :) yummy

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