Running Mad

This morning I had a 13 miler on the schedule, but ended up doing 12. It was hot, I was mad, I’m okay with 12.

Before I left I had some iced coffee and toast with Almond Butter and banana. This is pretty much my “go-to” pre-run fuel every time. I used to be all about Clif bars and got out of that phase. Another random fact courtesy of RER, you’re welcome.IMG_0046

Since I’m living with my mom for July, there was someone actually awake when I left for my run – mom :) She took a picture of me looking optimistic about a good run.IMG_0047

The plan was to run to Susan’s and do my last 4 miles with her. I calculated it a bit wrong and got there a mile early (hence 12 and not 13) and she is injured so we had to take walk breaks. It wasn’t the best run, but 12 miles in July should still be considered good, right?

But before even getting so Susan’s my run was kind of slow. I was very upset (read: Mad) about something and that was all I could think about during my run (read: I really need to get an Ipod so I can zone out to Shakira).

I have found that when I run when I’m mad I feel like I have a weight on my chest, literally. Maybe I hold my breath when I’m mad and don’t realize it? I don’t know. All I know is I feel like I can’t breathe and that makes for bad running (no shit).

The morale of the story is: I am now more pissed at the object of my anger for not only making me mad, but now ruining my run. Watch it.

On the bright side of things: I have a good life and this isn’t a tragedy.  Just sayin’

Susan made me a yummy smoothie after the run, but I didn’t have a camera so let’s just say it looked like this…IMG_8007

And now I am craving pancakes from a 24 hours breakfast place like Norms, but am not sure if I can con anyone to go with me, so I may just chomp on this until I find a dining partner :)IMG_0049

Who wants to join me for pancakes in the middle of the hottest day in July?

(Click here to see the title of that picture)

I don’t think I’m “selling it” enough…so I’ll just go by myself. More for me.


  1. says

    I’d join you for pancakes if we were in the same city. :) I think 12 miles in July (with walk breaks) is TOTALLY AWESOME! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. says

    Music on a run definitely helps me turn my anger and stress (I am a middle school teacher, so I have a lot of that!) into motivation to RUN.

    Also, 12 miles any time of the year is amazing! Be proud of your hard work.

  3. Jen says

    I am a few days late on this but I just want to thank you for being so open about your food “stuff” (not going to say issues, sounds too preachy, as I am not a long time reader and don’t know the whole story). Anyhoo, I couldn’t remember where I’d read about Intuitive Eating but now I know it was here. I finally got the book at the library this week and I’ve been plowing through it.

    Even though everything in it resonates with me, it’s not as easy as I’d like to put into practice. It’s hard to undo a lifetime of comfort eating (oh, we are all so good at that, aren’t we?). I just appreciate that you are comfortable sharing so much of yourself because I deal with so many of the same issues and I don’t really feel comfortable expressing them with my nearest and dearest very often.

    Just know that you aren’t the only one that goes to the kitchen when you’re going through stuff in life (it’s something that is always going to be a work in progress for me, today is one of those days and they don’t really offer yoga class on Saturday night, hehe). And I whole-heartedly recommend getting an iPod stat for your runs, I couldn’t deal without mine! I have a shuffle for running and it is absolutely perfect (clips on my shirt, only about $50).

  4. says

    damn, too bad i wasn’t able to make it down; I totally would have had pancakes with you.

    sorry the run didn’t go as well as you wanted it to. wish I could ahve been there to help..i didn’t even run at all today. knee was too tight so i’m hoping tomorrow i’ll be able to get a 9 miler in.

  5. says

    Although I LOVE (and dearly miss while studying abroad) cottage cheese, it is no match for pancakes. I’m glad you were able to satisfy your craving (with cute company, nonetheless!)

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