Too Slow, Too Fast

Today I could not get my speed right.

First I did some hill repeats too slow. Then, I ate too fast. If I could just get better timing I would be a fast, slim runner with excellently delivered jokes*  :)

slow ride Too Slow, Too Fast

After my speedy hill repeats I had a simple breakfast of a Perfect 10 bagel with Almond Butter and Jelly (I always say jelly really aggressively. Is that weird?)IMG 0075 thumb Too Slow, Too Fast

The rest of the day went like this: work,work,work…

After work I took a short walk around the neighborhood as I waited for Ben to be done. I am not loving being cooped up in an office all day – I’m going stir-crazy! Being an adult is overrated kids. But long walks make it better icon smile Too Slow, Too Fast

IMG 0080 400x266 Too Slow, Too Fast
Sometimes these shoes are made for walking

Then, I came home to dinner and saw Ben’s mom sent us a Care Package! She is the sweetest.

RER Quiz:

IMG 0078 thumb Too Slow, Too Fast
364 cookie pieces = 1 cookie. Fact.

True or False – Broken Cookies are better because the calories leak out.

True. Totally true.


  1. says

    The broken cookies would haunt me until I ate every last little piece. I’m neurotic and cannot stand to see little pieces mixed in with the bigger cookies; I’d remove all the big pieces, set them aside and eat all the little pieces and crumbs. Simply to clear my mind. And that is why I’ll never drop those last five pounds. :)

  2. says

    dear roommate of awesomeness -

    i feel the same way about savvy scones.

    a little birdie told me that savvy scones may be making an appearance in our room at HLS.

    consider yourself warned. you will cry they are so good.

    roommate of awesomeness

  3. says

    Hi! Been reading for quite awhile and just noticed that we wear the same running shoes :) Anyway, just wondering if that’s a Run ID tag on your left shoe and if so – does it move around? I’ve been debating getting one, but don’t want to feel it there…

    Love your blog btw! I’ve been taking a few weeks *cough*months*cough* hiatus from my own and have enjoyed just being a reader for awhile. However, today will be my return to the blogosphere! ….I think :)

    Have a great day! Becky

  4. says

    I personally hate broken cookies, but especially broken chips. I pick out all of the whole ones and then put the bag or box away. My husband gets those lovely leftovers. =)

  5. says

    Haha your cookie calories ‘rules’ sound similar to some of mine… I truly believe that if you go crazy overeating on the same one food than you won’t gain weight… it’s ludicrous but even as I type this I really do kinda believe it’s true… or at least I must since I continue to eat like this sometimes lol!

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