Eating Out (side) and Intuitive Eating


Hello! Did you guys run a 5K Friday today?! I did. My friend Susan actually met me for a run this morning. I took this pic while waiting for her :) After my 3.1 mile run I made a yogurt bowl for breakfast. Chobani pineapple, cereals, apple banana and almond butter. This was super filling! It’s so weird that these apple bananas look like bananas and taste like apples! I … [Read more...]

Hug Tighter and Longer


Today my mom and I went to the funeral for my friend. It had actually been a really long time since I’d seen her or her family or friends. I “lost rights” to these people in my last break-up. It was very sad, but also good to see my old friends and acquaintances. She has the best family ever and they were always so welcoming and loving. I was super close to these people for … [Read more...]