Last Long Run in Pico


I hope this is my last long run in Pico. I really  need to drive to a better running spot for anything over 8 miles because it gets super tedious around here. And I kinda feel like a weirdo. This morning I did 13 miles all around town. I have a route that is 9 miles, but had to run through some areas twice. At least I know where the 7-11 is located and I stopped for … [Read more...]

Cafe Rio


The other day at work two of my new friends were raving about Cafe Rio.  I am a sucker for a good review so I was excited when Ben and I decided to go there for dinner tonight. It’s very similar to Chipotle in the menu/ordering. You choose if you want a burrito, taco, enchiladas, quesadilla or salad. Then, pick your meat and beans. It’s an assembly line like Chipotle too. … [Read more...]