Cafe Rio

The other day at work two of my new friends were raving about Cafe Rio.  I am a sucker for a good review so I was excited when Ben and I decided to go there for dinner tonight.IMG 9581 thumb Cafe Rio It’s very similar to Chipotle in the menu/ordering. You choose if you want a burrito, taco, enchiladas, quesadilla or salad. Then, pick your meat and beans. It’s an assembly line like Chipotle too.

Ben and I share a passion for guacamole and always order it where ever we go. We have not found one that is better than my own recipe, but the search is still fun icon smile Cafe Rio IMG 9577 thumb Cafe Rio

I don’t know if it was because I was super hungry or what, but those chips were delicious. I couldn’t stop eating them even though I was getting full.

It was a little overwhelming to order without knowing “the drill”. I didn’t realize until after I ordered that they make the corn tortillas fresh right there in front of you. I love homemade tortillas and wish I would have went with those instead.

I ordered the Mahi-Mahi burrito, enchilada style. I usually don’t order big ol’ burritos because I know the tortilla alone had 563 calories, but I got what I wanted and enjoyed every bite.IMG 9576 thumb Cafe Rio

I loved this sign in the restroom, “Getting yelled at in Spanish never tasted so good.” Ha.

But, I beg to differ since my grandma was a talented yeller and cooker. Guess that’s where I got it from icon wink Cafe Rio IMG 9580 thumb Cafe Rio

I was still full when we got home, but my sweet tooth was louder than my full tummy and I had one of these delicious ice cream sandwhiches. Very good. IMG 9582 thumb Cafe Rio

Ben is sick so I must tend to him, and then get ready for a long run tomorrow morning. I am getting spoiled running with Susan these last few times and I’m going to be lonely unless I convince Ben to bike along side me!

Good Night icon smile Cafe Rio

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    Good luck on your long run today! I like running alone as long as I’ve got good music. Do you still run without tunes? I think you said once that you didn’t… Maybe I’m making that up :)

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    That looks so tasty! We’re doing Mexican food tonight for my hubby’s 30th!

    Oh and that’s another reason why I try not to keep desserts in the house. Nummy!

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    I recently discovered Cafe Rio myself after having heard about it for years. I love that they serve whole wheat tortillas along with white and corn–and they weren’t deep fried. I got the fire grilled chicken salad and it was YUMMY.

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