Last Long Run in Pico

I hope this is my last long run in Pico. I really  need to drive to a better running spot for anything over 8 miles because it gets super tedious around here. And I kinda feel like a weirdo.

This morning I did 13 miles all around town. I have a route that is 9 miles, but had to run through some areas twice. At least I know where the 7-11 is located and I stopped for water!

Pre-run I took a pic with my dogs icon smile Last Long Run in Pico IMG 9589 thumb Last Long Run in Pico

and fueled up with a bagel with almond butter and coffee.IMG 9584 thumb Last Long Run in Pico

Then, I filled my handheld water bottle with Gatorade and was ready to go! I used to be super anti-drinking calories – even when I was running! But, I tried drinking Gatorade on my last long run and think it helped me keep going. I don’t like eating while running, but I do need some sugar and salt for longer runs like this.

I may experiment with a few other things as I continue to train though.IMG 9586 thumb Last Long Run in Pico

Right when I came home Matt was scrounging around the kitchen for breakfast. I made him eggs and toast and stole a piece of toast with jelly.

Then, I made a massive Smoothie in a Bowl. I love these after long runs!! Then, I topped it with granola and PB Puffins. There were a lot of PB Puffins consumed that missed the camera icon smile Last Long Run in Pico IMG 9591 thumb Last Long Run in Pico

My SIAB runneth over…

IMG 9592 thumb Last Long Run in Pico

I also just cut up a watermelon and ate a ton of it while slicing. It’s one of the perks of being the resident watermelon cutter icon wink Last Long Run in Pico

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  1. says

    funny about needing to find a better LR route. i’m in a similar boat and i’ve had people tell me i run “too much” because they see me running the same loop multiple times for a long run hah!

  2. Dynamics says

    How do you get a sweet watermelon? The last two I purchased were dudes. I tried the thumping and I tried buying the heaviest one with the yellow belly. Not sweet. One I had to throw away it was so bad.

  3. says

    Awesome job on the long run! Oh Puffins – I haven’t bought those in the ages, they are one of the cereals I cannot stop eating once I start.

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