Another Word For Pudding

I made Not-Your-Momma’s-Banana-Pudding for my cousin’s Baby Shower today. I read about on HeatherBakes and even though I don’t like pudding, it intrigued me!banana pudding recipe

I used the original Paula Deen recipe for inspiration, but changed it.


Package SF Cheesecake Pudding mix

2 cups milk

TJ’s Cinnamon Grahams

Sweetened Condensed Milk (1 small can)

3 HUGE bananas (or 4 regular sized ones)

Cool Whip

1 cup Plain Greek Yogurtnot your mommas banana pudding recipe


1. Line the pan with a layer of graham crackers.

2. Top with slices of bananas

3. Mix milk and pudding mix

4. In another bowl, mix sweetened condensed milk and greek yogurt. Then, fold in a container of Cool Whip.

5. Mix pudding and cool whip mixture together.

6. Pour into pan and top with 4 crushed graham crackers.

7. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

It was very good, but I still don’t want to think I like pudding. Is there another word for “pudding”? banana pudding recipe

This stuff was a hit! Luckily, I set some aside for Ben to have some, but other than that it disappeared. Make it. paula deens banana pudding

I won a raffle at the Baby Shower and scored! I got a white board with the days of the week. I am going to plan my weekly running plan on it and stick it on the fridge. IMG_9635

It is not a party without vodka CAKE! baby shower care

My Piece IMG_9630

Why are you still reading? Go make the pudding dessert!

banana pudding recipe


  1. says

    I need a calendar like yours to record exercising. I have to go back to blog posts so I can be reminded what I’ve done in the past week.

    Pudding is sooo good. I make a mean s’more pie I completely made up which uses chocolate pudding pie filling, graham cracker crust, and a marshmallow fluff topping toasted with chopped hershey bar on top. Pudding makes everything better. :)

  2. says

    Yea!!! Glad you liked the pudding. I love that you used cheesecake pudding instead of vanilla- will definitely have to try that next time! But next time won’t be for a while. My ass is still expanding from the last batch.

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