Eat What You Love

This morning I did what I love and started the day with a run. I’ve decided I like to run 5 days a week and since I can’t do KB right now anyways, will start adding more easy runs to the mix.

This mornings 4 miles were even more fun because Susan joined me! I love running with her. Do what you love, right :)

Since I’m back on the Intuitive Eating wagon I’ve decided to Eat What I Love without guilt or apologies (not that I’ve ever apologized before, but you get what I mean).

I love granola. More specifically, I love good granola. Not that dry “light” granola that just tastes like crunchy oatmeal. I love granola with nuts and dried fruit and honey. I hate that I love it, but I do.

This morning I made a yogurt parfait in a half way full yogurt container.


Piled in: Yogurt, Blueberries, Granola Good Bear Naked Granola, PB Puffins. This was so good and satisfying. If I die of anything, it’s not going to be granola 😉 It might be happiness though…IMG_9659

Wear what you love! I found this dress at Marshall’s this weekend and snapped it up. I am making a bigger effort to not look like a tragedy all the time. IMG_9664Note: that I still didn’t “do” my hair though :)  We don’t water the grass because So Cal is a desert anyways…

 Lunch – I packed up an amazing salad today. My mom made a fresh pot of beans (a staple around here) and I knew they’d make a great salad topping!IMG_9665

See, there’s some veggies under all those pinto beans and hummustard dressing!IMG_9668

I took my car into be serviced on Sunday and it turns out it needed new brakes too. Ouch. So, $800.00 and two days later I’ll be picking it up tonight. Ben and I are still looking for a new car, but aren’t sure how quickly we can get one since we’re moving in 2 weeks and don’t even have a bed or fridge.

Note to anyone moving across the country: You will basically hemorrhage money.

But, it you really want to move. You’ve got to do what you love…

Question: What do you love right now?

It can be anything at all :)

Me: Today I love…

Friendly strangers


Concealer (darn pimples)


  1. says

    Today I love vegan chicken patties. As a vegetarian, I don’t really miss “meat” exactly, but meat alternatives sure do make my tastebuds happy.

  2. says

    Great post!!!

    Today I love the old man that brought me a chocolate bar while I was reading at Starbucks. Totally out of the blue, totally made my day, and totally satisfied my otherwise-suppressed appetite for chocolate. <3

  3. Maren says

    You look beautiful in that dress! It matches the sweater I’m wearing right now :) Today I love that it’s the 12th day in a row with no back pain! (hope this doesn’t jinx it!!)

  4. Morgan says

    i loveeee early morning runs! i may not feel like going right when i wake up, but then i remember how i’ll feel the rest of the day anticipating whether or not i’ll fit my run in and i snap out of it and head out the door! nothing like pounding some pavement before seven o’clock!

    that dress is fing hot by the way!!

  5. Ashley C says

    Running! Today was the first day in 2 weeks since I’ve ran because I’ve been super sick, it felt so good even though they were 12 minute miles :-)

  6. says

    i love that PB puffin cereal by the way. As for the things I love:::: peanut butter (or any nut butters), chocolate, coconut, pumpkin, vitatops, hummus, pitas, strawberries, sugar free pudding, greek yogurt, chicken, cheese, ice cream, pizza, and beer. Ha ha I could name way more

  7. says

    Cute dress!

    I love PB puffins so much I can’t keep them in the house! I’m glad you’re running more often – I also love to hear about your runs :)

  8. Dynamics says

    Wow, you look fantastic. You have the cutest figure. That dress is amazing. No need to do the hair..the dress is what is in the forefront.

  9. says

    Could you share your mom’s bean recipe? I agree that fresh beans OWN canned and would love to read about your mom’s process. Thanks!

  10. says

    Love the dress!

    Todayn I love waking up for a sweaty workout and cooling green monster;

    That my birthday is in TWO days, and my wedding is in TEN 😀

    That its just a little cooler out today; makes it much more pleasant to go outside.


  11. says

    That dress is fabulous and you look seriously hot in it!

    Tuesday I loved:

    My track workout/running buddies

    Underarmour outlet (amazing deals!)

    S’more cupcakes that I made from scratch!

  12. says

    What a cute dress!! It looks awesome on you.

    Eating what you love is the best way to go about life! I do have issues with not feeling guilty after I do it though.

    Today I am loving iced coffee :)

  13. says

    I need to make a bigger effort at not looking like a tragedy all the time too! I think if I could live in gym clothes, I’d be delighted. PS I love the term “funger” and I also love friendly strangers!

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