Funger Strikes Again

I created the word “Funger” to describe eating for Fun instead of Hunger = “Fun-ger

Today was a major Funger day. For some reason I am a chocolate fiend. This afternoon I scrounged around my bag and found an old granola bar with chocolate in it.

But, that didn’t cut it so after dinner I picked this up – Pretzel M&Ms. I wasn’t all about them the first time I tried them, but wanted to give them another shot. They’re no Peanut M&Ms, but better than nothing.IMG_9682

Dinner was bean and cheese burritos made with the beans my mom cooked yesterday. They are so much better than canned! These are actually Ben’s burritos, hence the fabulous dishware.IMG_9678

Plus some of these new chips I picked up from TJ’s. I love them, but you definitely get a “seedy” taste from them. IMG_9679

I packed AB&J for an afternoon snack. Since I didn’t have AB (almond butter) with breakfast or lunch I didn’t want to wait another minute for some nut butter!

I took the picture outside my office:) IMG_9676

Now I am trying to muster up all my self control in order to stop myself from pouring  these cookie crumbs into a bowl, adding milk and eating like it’s a fabulous butter filled cereal. IMG_9681

God help me.


  1. says

    I’ve had the chocolate cravings the past few days too. Definitely that time of the month. 😉

    I would NOT have been able to control myself with those cookie crumbs so if you did, more power to ya!

  2. says

    I am with you on the AB thing… if I don’t have AB or PB with breakfast, lunch or snack, I NEED it after dinner!!

    Those cookie crumbs look delicious and I’m not quite sure I could resist!

  3. Christy says

    I had high hopes for those pretzel m&ms, but I have to agree with you, they are no peanut m&ms! Save those crumbs for yogurt topping!

  4. says

    I have been craving pretzel M & M’s these past few days!! They are SO good and addicting. Luckily, a lot of places around here don’t sell them, so I haven’t been able to find them.

  5. says

    SO JEALOUS! I have been SEARCHING far and wide for pretzel M&M’s and cannot find them ANYWHERE. I hear they are amazing, so I am a bit sad to hear you weren’t all about them the first time around.

  6. says

    oh i love the term “funger”! hah. so stealing that. i was doing a lot of that last night! i was sooo full yet i was with family and we all ate corn, watermelon and ice cream together after a big spaghetti dinner. it was fun, so i can’t complain 😉 mmmmmmm.. butter filled cereal….


  7. says

    Haaa at the bowl of crumbs, I hope you gave in, lol.

    I totally agree that pb m&ms are irreplaceable, but the pretzel m&ms are growing on me, even if they remind me of the crispy m&ms FAIL they tried not too long ago.

  8. says

    Hey Monica! Love that you are so honest about all of these thoughts we ALL have about the ooey, gooey, sinfully delicious foods that we just sometimes feel we need to eat all day! I know I get major cravings for these foods every single day!


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