Apple Bananas


Today was a Rest Day from running so I decided some light strength training was in order. The problem is, my mom only has 5 pound weights and it feels like a joke. Oh well, I did a few moves and called it a day. Then, I threw together a cereal bowl of randomness – Flakes, almond milk, pineapple cottage cheese, chia seeds, apple banana and almond butter. I know some people … [Read more...]

Speedy Gonzales


Today’s marathon training called for a tempo run. Basically, a tempo run is a run where you do a few miles at a faster pace than usual. I am loving my new little Days of the Week whiteboard! I won it at the Baby Shower this weekend. This run was supposed to be: 2 mile warm up; 3 miles at 8:30 pace; 1 mile cool down. I don’t have my Garmin with me, but from memory… I ended … [Read more...]