TJ’s Pit Stop

I get off work about an hour and a half before Ben. This means I have too much time on my hands to wait around and get hungry. I normally take a walk right after work because I hate being cooped up all day :( Ben says I should be a Park Ranger because I just want to walk around outside all day. I am considering it.

In addition to a walk I need a snack. Yesterday I had a scone to tide me over.IMG_9697


Today I stopped at Trader Joes with a serious raw carrot craving. IMG_9726Weird, I know. For some reason carrots and Coke Zero make the best snack ever.IMG_9727

I also partook in some Snap Peas I bought for Ben.  These things are greasy goodness.IMG_9734

This afternoon I had the most intense chocolate snack ever. Ever. Take note.

Vitatop + Chocolate Greek yogurt = One of the best moments of my life.IMG_9723

Intuitive Eating – I have failed with filling out the I.E. forms these last two days. I forgot the paper yesterday and today I was too busy to even look at it. Boo.

But, I have decided that it is amazingly helpful in making me aware of my body’s signals. I am way off with what I think is hunger and fullness. I am also way off with when and how much my body wants.

I have only filled out the papers for 5 days, and plan on keeping it up until I feel like I am listening to my body every day. This might take awhile…

Dinner was planned while driving from the OC (where I work) to the PR (where I live right now). Even though I had over an hour of thinking time all I wanted was scrambled eggs. I considered making a fancy omlett, but really all I wanted was plain scrambled eggs.IMG_9730

I had it with the best TJ’s bread ever – Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane. I miss good bread.IMG_9733

And TJ’s Sour Cream Spinach Dip. This stuff is delicious and has less calories that hummus (50 per 2Tb). You’d never know it from tasting it.Someone is obsessed with TJ’s today.  IMG_9731

I feel behind on life and blogs and friends. But, it’s late and I’m pooped! I will see you guys tomorrow.


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    I finally made my way over to our local Trader Joe’s a couple of months ago and was totally disappointed. But, I see still see everyone with all these great items they find there. Our store is small…is it that it just doesn’t carry the good stuff? This is so disappointing…I want TJ yummies! :)

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