Life Isn’t Perfect


Wow. How have I been walking this earth for twenty plus years (when did I start walking, Mom?) and just now figured that out? I have been super stressed about neglecting RER, my email, my dogs :( and so much more. I am frustrated at my 2+ hour commute. I almost had a breakdown during lunch today because I didn’t feel like I had time to make it to the bank and eat in 30 … [Read more...]

Too Slow, Too Fast


Today I could not get my speed right. First I did some hill repeats too slow. Then, I ate too fast. If I could just get better timing I would be a fast, slim runner with excellently delivered jokes*  :) After my speedy hill repeats I had a simple breakfast of a Perfect 10 bagel with Almond Butter and Jelly (I always say jelly really aggressively. Is that … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday


Hello and welcome to another glorious round of Mexican Meatless Monday! Unfortunately, because of the craziness of my first week back to work I was not able to create the recipe or post I had planned. Boo. But, I do have a few Mexican Meatless favorites to share with you. These are a handful of my favorite products… TJ’s favorite Spicy Ranchero Egg White salad. They don’t … [Read more...]

Pan Dulce Sunday


I don’t know if it’s because I’m back home or what, but I have been craving nothing but good Mexican food this week. Luckily, I came to the right place as home is full of amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bakeries offering the best Mexican food! Today I woke up early and walked to a local panaderia (bakery) for Pan Dulce! They have so many options it’s always hard to … [Read more...]

Pancake Cravings


Earlier today I was on a mission for pancakes. When I get a craving I cannot move on with my life until I satisfy it! By the time I got home and showered it was 1pm so I had to find 1.) a place that was still serving breakfast and 2.) a fellow mid-day pancake date. I ended up at a hole in the wall place that’s open until 2:30pm – score! As expected I got the pancake combo … [Read more...]

Running Mad


This morning I had a 13 miler on the schedule, but ended up doing 12. It was hot, I was mad, I’m okay with 12. Before I left I had some iced coffee and toast with Almond Butter and banana. This is pretty much my “go-to” pre-run fuel every time. I used to be all about Clif bars and got out of that phase. Another random fact courtesy of RER, you’re welcome. Since I’m living … [Read more...]

Agua Frescas


Agua Frescas is Spanish for “Fresh Water”. It is a sweet drink of water, fresh fruit juice, sugar and fresh fruit. They come in many different flavors but the most popular are Watermelon, Strawberry or Horchata. There are a lot of places you can get agua fresca around here – they sell them at super markets, restaurants, swap meets, outside a random place… you get the idea. … [Read more...]

5K Friday and Not Running


Hello and Happy Friday! I am so happy I made it through this week :) I had four really super long days, but I only have to do that for two more weeks and hopefully we’ll be in our condo and able to eliminate the 2+ hour commute in August. Today is 5K Friday – did you run a solo 5K this week? It doesn’t matter if you do it on Fridays or not, everyone gets an “A” for effort on … [Read more...]

Crabby and Carb-y


I made the mistake of eating mostly carbs for the whole day :( By 6pm I was super hungry and crabby. Too many carbs make me crabby because my blood sugar just keeps going up and down all day and I’m never satisfied. My choices were healthy, but they were balanced – and that’s where I went wrong. Breakfast – Kashi Go Lean, whole grain flakes, a handful of Shredded Wheat and … [Read more...]

It’s Been a Long Time


It’s been a long time since Ben and I were on a cross country drive. More specifically, it has been a year. A year ago today Ben and I were in Yellowstone National Park. You can read the recap here. It’s also been a long time since I’ve binged – well, it was a long time previous to today. The stress and exhaustion of long days and long drives finally got to me and I … [Read more...]



How do you describe your eating style or food philosophy? I find that I am often in situations where it’s obvious that I eat differently from the people around me and I say different things depending on my mood. Today I am “Eccentric” :) My response was greeted with a smile and it was a non-issue. Smooth sailing that time! Run - This morning I did a tempo run with a 1 mile … [Read more...]

Settling for Satisfactory


When I was a kid nothing less than an “A” or 100% would be acceptable. I was a hard worker and I took pride in everything I did.  I feel like But now I’m performing at 60% and I have been letting that be okay. I have been settling for satisfactory lately. My running, my eating, my life/organization – all are just okay when I want them to be Great! I need to start planning … [Read more...]

Steamy Wrap and Roll


Since I have a long commute for the next couple of weeks I need to come up with some portable breakfast recipes. Stay tuned because today wasn’t the best representation of that. Today I made a quick egg scramble with spinach and salsa. Even though it’s in a tortilla, this meal is still very messy. Salsa in a tortilla leaks juice and can cause a mess. Travel and eat wisely! … [Read more...]

Get To Work


I casually mentioned that I was starting my new job today. I don’t really want to talk about it too much since I’m not sure if it’s cool with them for me to talk about, but I can tell you I’m working as an Office Administrator in Orange County very close to my soon to be new condo :) The position is 30 hours a week so I will have time to pursue more writing work and finally … [Read more...]

I Break for Cherries


One of the best parts of living around here is the random things you can buy on the street corners. I’ve gotten mangoes, oranges, flowers and more. Does this count as shopping local? It should. Today Ben and I scored a bunch of amazing cherries. They are super sweet and delicious! I break for cherries :) I have been loving cooked broccoli. It’s random because summer … [Read more...]

Crap Free Week Part II


I’ve done Crap Free Week in the past, so this is CFW Part II. The last few weeks have been crazy – I moved across the country again, moved back into my mom’s for a month and partook in lots of celebrations. I  have been eating way too much processed food and sweets. I mean, after a day full of fried food, cake and ice cream – this was dinner x2! If anyone ever needed a … [Read more...]