Two-fer Tuesday


This post is a twofer – breakfast and lunch, which I don’t usually post together. I normally do breakfast and then come back at the end of the day for lunch and dinner, but my new schedule will be changing a few things on certain days. My legs felt tired this morning so I decided to just do an easy 4 miles and call it a work out. I stretched for two minutes before I went to … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Wet Burrito


My mom never made wet burritos when I was a kid, but I still think wet burritos are one of the best things to get at a Mexican restaurant. If you’re not aware, a wet burrito is just a normal burrito bathed in enchilada sauce and topped with cheese. You must eat it with a knife and fork. Normally, I’m against using utensils to eat foods that should be eaten with your hands … [Read more...]

Monday Mini-Goals


Good Morning and welcome to Monday :) I am usually all about BIG goals. I like to set my sights on things that are far off and unattainable challenging. But, that doesn’t help me stay motivated since gratification is so far off. Well, this week I’m setting mini-goals. These goals are just for this week and I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m hoping smaller, more … [Read more...]

Dog Walk


I love walking the dogs. Well, they love it too, but I don’t really know who appreciates it more :) If I could wag my tail when I hear the leashes jingle I would too.  After a lazy morning and some homework in the afternoon I headed to my mom’s for a visit. I love that I don’t have to take a cross country flight to see my family now. Even if my little brother cons me into … [Read more...]

French Toast Sunday


I love lazy Sunday mornings :) I am usually up before the sun on Saturdays so I can beat the heat and get a good run in, but on Sundays Ben and I wake up slowly, take a walk and eat a good breakfast together. It’s really the only morning we eat breakfast together now that I think of it! Today we went for a walk around our new neighborhood. It felt good to get my legs moving a … [Read more...]

Surprising Hunger


I usually am not hungry the day of my long run. The day after I am a bottomless pit, but the actual day of the run I usually eat just because I feel “empty”. My RD and my research has shown that this is pretty common as running can diminish hunger signals. That is normally the case with me on long run days, but today I am for real. Shortly after breakfast I snacked on chips … [Read more...]

Blood, Sweat and Ice


Luckily there were no tears on the run today. But, there was a lot of sweat and a little blood. And then, there was ice, but that came later. Before my run I fueled up with AB&J and iced coffee. Then, I rocked out 18 miles. I had a really good run too! I was nervous about it after last weekend’s fueling issues. But, I did a few things differently today… 1.) Fueled … [Read more...]

Get Ready For Your Long Run!


I have a long run planned for tomorrow, but after last weekend’s disastrous effort :( I think some tips and motivation are in order. Tips for running in Hot Weather: 1. HYDRATE!!! Here are 11 hydration strategies from 2. Wear sweat wicking, light colored running gear. Two words: chafing sucks. Prevent chafing with sweat wicking gear, Vaseline or body glide … [Read more...]

Best Purchase of The Week


Hello and welcome to 5K Friday over at RER :) Did you run a 5K this morning? I did. Nice and slow to get my legs loosened up for tomorrow’s long run. Since we just moved, I am in the process of filling our little nest with twigs house wares. Definitely the best purchase of the week has to be this cereal dispenser from Target. I have eyed this thing since I registered for our … [Read more...]

Lunch Date and Popcorn


I got out of class a little early today and had time to meet up with Ben for lunch before I had to get to work.  We’ve been so busy with fixing up the house and me starting school. It was nice to just have a relaxing lunch together and hang out. My lunch – I ordered the salmon plate. It came with miso soup and salmon of course! Instead of tempura I opted for steamed … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday


I hear Thursday is Confession day and since I was raised Catholic and all, I thought I’d partake. I mean, I already feel so guilty about all this stuff maybe confessing would relieve some of my anxiety… Confession: 1. I miss Maryland. More specifically, I miss my friends Kristin and Matt :( And the beautiful paths I used to run on by our apartment. 2. When people are too … [Read more...]

The Perfect Scone


Oh.My.Gosh. I found that elusive scone I had been searching for. The one I had heard rave reviews about over and over. I found it. And it may have changed the way I look at scones forever. I used to not be the biggest fan of scones. “Too dry” I’d say, “Not sweet enough”. I always reached for a muffin or cookie at the bakery before a scone. But, these scones are more like … [Read more...]

Defeats The Purpose


I asked Ben to cook dinner tonight. On the menu: Salmon burgers He cooked them, but as soon as I got home I pushed my way into the kitchen to finish preparing the fixings and ate a ton of chips in the process. Which defeats the purpose of me trying to stay out of the kitchen to avoid snacking while cooking. Well, it was still an amazing meal :)  I am obsessed with … [Read more...]

Lead Legs and Two A Days


This morning I couldn’t shake the lead out of my legs. My whole 6 mile run felt slow and difficult. Even when I wasn’t going uphill, I felt like I was going uphill. Does that make sense? Anyways, I was supposed to do 7 miles today, but around mile 3 considered only doing 5 this morning and doing 2 more after school tonight. I’m not an afternoon runner, so I knew this might … [Read more...]

Fail to Plan


I may be a spaz about a lot of things, but when it comes to my food I always plan, plan, plan when I know I’m busy! I love the saying, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” And that often holds true for our meal and snack choices. If you don’t know what/when/how you’ll have access to food throughout the day you might end up having to make a meal out of vending … [Read more...]

Three Minute Post


I have 3 minutes to post before I am off to another day of school and work. This time in that order instead of yesterday’s work –> school :) Run: 5 miles, slow. Hills :( Breakfast: Classic oats in a jar :) Topped with granola and more AB. Have a great Tuesday! … [Read more...]