Bigger Lunch Bag


I didn’t tell you guys, but I ended up returning my new lunch bag. It didn’t fit a LC frozen meal the other day and then it didn’t a big salad container so I stopped using it. Boo. So, I was in the hunt for a BIGGER, Better lunch bag. And I think I found it! In comparison to my SLR case… Told you. But, I’ve gotta go… details, food and running later! … [Read more...]

My Heroes Wear Bibs


I found this shirt in the depths of my luggage (I’m still living half way out of my suitcase since I’m staying at my Mom’s). It says, “My Heroes wear bibs”. I got it before the Surf City Marathon last year and haven’t really worn it yet. I kinda get self conscious about wearing shirts that suggest I’m a runner since I don’t look like one, but I guess I didn’t care today and … [Read more...]