Bigger Lunch Bag

I didn’t tell you guys, but I ended up returning my new lunch bag. It didn’t fit a LC frozen meal the other day and then it didn’t a big salad container so I stopped using it. Boo.

So, I was in the hunt for a BIGGER, Better lunch bag.

And I think I found it! IMG 0047 thumb Bigger Lunch Bag

In comparison to my SLR case… IMG 0049 thumb Bigger Lunch Bag

Told you.

But, I’ve gotta go… details, food and running later!


  1. says

    Love the lunch bag – I always end up bringing my lunch in a mini grocery bag – too many things to fit in a small lunch bag.

    Very cute – where did you get it from?

  2. says

    I need a huge lunch bag for salads too – I’m curious where you got it from! Also, where did you get your salad container? I haven’t found a non-BPA tupperware container big enough!

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