Mexican Meatless Monday – Chilaquiles

Today’s Mexican Meatless Monday recipe is Chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican breakfast dish.

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I made these for Ben when we were dating and he thought I was saying “Chili Killers” when I said “Chilaquiles”. It’s pronounced very similar (chee-le-key-less), so that’s what we call them now icon smile Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

As with most of my recipes, this Meatless dish is super easy to make, super quick and only requires a few ingredients. This is a great meal to make when you’re at the bottom of your tortilla chip bag – crumbs work perfectly here!IMG 0066 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles


1 cup of tortilla chips in small pieces

2 eggs & a splash of milk

Small can of green chili (use as much as you like)

1/3c Shredded cheese

Salt and Pepper IMG 0065 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles


1. Heat skillet with oil

2. Scramble eggs with splash of milk (key to fluffiness)

3. Add chips and heat thoroughly

4. Add eggs and green chili to pan, cook thoroughly

5. Top with cheese to taste. And hot sauce if you’re down for that.


IMG 0069 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

  In other Monday eats…

After a 6 miler with a few repeats thrown in I made some Pepper Oatmeal. But, instead of pepper I used chia seeds. Crazy, I know.

IMG 0045 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

Lunch in my big new bag! I packed a veggie burger wrap, carrots & bell pepper strips, watermelon and a new bar.IMG 0051 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

I picked up this bar when I went to Whole Foods for the new Larabars the other day. Sadly, they didn’t have them. So, in a desperate attempt to replace my craving with an alternate bar, I got these. It was okay, but if you have the chance to try this or a Larabar, go Lara.IMG 0053 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

I packed the most random mix of cereal and salty cashews to go on top of my yogurt today. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I love cashews, but it worked.IMG 0057 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

After work I stopped at the store for something to drink and came out with a bag of Sunchips. I don’t know how that happened, but those new biodegradable bags are loud as all hell. Good for the environment, bad for “food sneakers” such as myself. How am I supposed to steal chips inconspicuously now?!

When I picked up Ben from work I offered him some Sunchips. It turns out he didn’t eat his lunch because he went out with co-workers so he wanted to snack on that instead.

Then, he busted out an avocado, knife and spoon. This guy just packs his lunch box full of avocadoes and chips. At least they’re baked chips today.IMG 0059 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

I told him not to bring knives to work, but he insisted it was “Take a Knife to Work Day”. I’ll have to check on that. IMG 0060 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

My random dinner of an LC meal with beans and broccoli and unpictured pasta.IMG 0064 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

Last night after I posted my brother and his girlfriend brought everyone Blizzberry frozen yogurt.

IMG 0043 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles

I had a little even though I already brushed my teeth. IMG 0042 thumb Mexican Meatless Monday   ChilaquilesBrushing twice is a waste of toothpaste so I just went to bed with sugar gums. Not really, but it made the story better.

Enjoy your Chili Killers!

Question: What’s your favorite television show right now?

I’m still not over LOST being gone icon sad Mexican Meatless Monday   Chilaquiles But I’m considering getting on board with Jersey Shore, especially after my Snooki dancing this weekend.

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  1. April says

    I agree with the new SunChips bag. You can’t be all sly and sneak a chip here or there without the entire neighborhood knowing!

    Please don’t go to the Jersey Shore side! :)

  2. says

    I’ve never made Chilaquiles but it sounds delicious. I guess I have made a similar mexican egg dish but I didn’t know it actually had a legit name.

    If someone woke me up at 2am with ice cream, I’m pretty sure I would never turn it down! ;)

  3. says

    The chilaquiles recipe sounds great. It’s a fabulous way to use up the crumbs at the bottom of the bag.
    I admit to liking trashy tv, but I just can’t do Jersey Shore. I suppose that’s where my proverbial line is drawn.

    Since summer shows are pretty pathetic, we mostly watch the Food Network and Travel Channel. Even my 8 yr old loves Man Vs. Food and Bert the Conqueror.

  4. says

    That looks delicious (all of it!! lol ) My favorite shows right now are True Blood, The Real L Word, Last Comic Standing, Futurama (new season just started on Comedy Central), and Man Vs Food. I really can’t wait till fall season starts!

  5. says

    I can’t get into summer TV. My favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, the Real Housewives of NY, Modern Family, and Cougar Town. I can’t wait until they’re all back on!

  6. says

    Jersey Shore is hilarious! My fave is big brother but it’s already a month into it. I have no life so having to watch big brother 3 times a week is pretty exciting!

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