Need Some Green


I need some Green ($$) so I am trying to make it a quick lunch break and get back to work. I’m currently blogging and eating in the lunch room. I also need some Green in the form of food. My lunch is Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown. But there’s no green to be found :( This morning I did an amazing tempo run! Here are my splits: Mile 1: 8:29 Mile 2: 8:19 Mile 3: 8:22 Mile … [Read more...]

Too Hungry or Too Horny


There are two things you said never let yourself get – Too Hungry or Too Horny. When you do make the mistake of getting too hungry or horny you often make decisions you wouldn’t in an unimpaired state of mind. Don’t you judge. We’ve all been here… The saddest part of this picture is that I thought that guy looked really good in the club. Even Natalie Dee understands that … [Read more...]