French Toast Friday


Hello and Good Day :) I started my Friday with a little 5K action walk with Susan. We ran about 2 miles, but decided we would rather chat than run and walked the last mile. It was good to catch up on our week and our guys. Today is French Toast Friday! Did you celebrate? I dipped two pieces of bread in a mix of: egg beaters, chia seeds and cinnamon. Then, I cooked it up … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday


1. Breakfast consisted of an amazing yogurt bowl topping with an even more amazing muffin from Zen Bakery. 2. I am considering a new avenue in life and I don’t mean the street I live on. I may get lost, but I’m up for that right now. 3. My mom made enchiladas for dinner and made me a special “cheese only” batch! That is love.   3 1/2. I used this random mug in … [Read more...]