Three Things Thursday

1. Breakfast consisted of an amazing yogurt bowl topping with an even more amazing muffin from Zen Bakery. IMG 0136 thumb Three Things Thursday IMG 0133 thumb Three Things Thursday

2. I am considering a new avenue in life and I don’t mean the street I live on. I may get lost, but I’m up for that right now.

3. My mom made enchiladas for dinner and made me a special “cheese only” batch! That is love.IMG 0119 thumb Three Things Thursday

IMG 0144 thumb Three Things Thursday


3 1/2. I used this random mug in my office kitchen for coffee today – “From the Heart of Texas”.

I thought it was funny because my first boyfriend lives in Texas and I may or may not have ran away to be with him at one point freshman year of college. Allegedly. IMG 0113 thumb Three Things Thursday

Question: What should be on your coffee mug (something that would tell people something about you)?

Me: “If anyone can a Mexi-can”

Then, I asked Ben what his would say…

Ben: “I don’t sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death.”

and decided I should change mine…

Me (Updated): “I married a crazy person”



  1. says

    I almost didn’t recognize your blog!!! LoL, I just had one of those “where am I moments” due to your new look. But I LOVE IT! :) So clean and professional and a nice change.

    Have a wonderful Friday darling.

  2. says

    Those cheese enchiladas look great. I’m not sure what my mug would say, I’ve been trying to think of something, but have drawn a blank. So maybe mine will be plain? Which actually suits my boring little life.

    I hope your new avenue is easy to navigate. Good luck!!

  3. says

    Hahahahaha. Your husband made me LOL – really.

    I don’t know what my coffee mug would say.. I think it would just be a really big hand-thrown ceramic one that had been glazed blue. Because I like stuff like that.

  4. says

    Wow, nice new blog format…through me off when I came to visit the page. Anyway…not sure what my coffee mug would say. Maybe overachiver. lol

  5. Maren says

    hahahaha LOVE IT! that is hilarious! this may be tmi, but the only reason I drink coffee is to get the body movin in the morning (if you know what I mean) …I have a little case of ibs. gross I know. Sorry for sharing that, but you would understand why mine would say this: “just suck it up. you only have to drink half”. I just don’t LOVE coffee. gasp! I know. I would love it if I could put a bunch of creamer and splenda in there. But I know that’s not healthy so I just suck it up! Hope you have a great friday lady!

    p.s. have you had this layout long?! I need to click out of my reader more often :)

  6. says

    Your blog looks great! Did you just make the switch to Thesis? I did recently as well… :)

    I just asked my fiance what my mug would say and he responded, “Queen Bird” – ha.

  7. Amber K says

    I’m one of those people who hate change, (LOL) so the new layout has to grow on me.

    I don’t drink coffee, and I’m not sure what a mug of mine would say! But I love Ben’s response, only because my husband’s would be the same.

  8. says

    My grandma use to make me “Birds in a basket” which is what she called the Egg inside the bread lol Missin that now

    I’m not sure what I like better the # 3 1/2 or that you married a crazy person lol! My mug would say “Don’t share coffee with Sled Dogs!”

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