Deals with the Devil


I woke up with an upset stomach this morning and did not feel like running my planned 16 miles :( After a trip or two to the restroom I decided to buck up and get out the door! Pre-run I had a sandwich thin with Almond Butter. I felt like I ate a lot last night (cereal after dinner and such) that I didn’t need too much running fuel. I think that theory is incorrect as … [Read more...]

Fake Fate Fish Friday


I love alliterations and it turns out I have a lot of “F” words for Friday! Ah, simple pleasures. First I had an iced coffee, which isn’t an alliteration, but was freakin’ good ;) Lunch consisted of Fake meat Friday– Smart Deli Roast Turkey.  I have yet to find a really good veggie lunch meat, but the search continues because I love sandwiches. Fantastic Friday lunch … [Read more...]