I had a lot of questions about that Green nail polish I had on last week, but I couldn’t answer because I don’t actually own a bottle of it. I just chose that color at the nail salon :) (I don’t actually own any nail polish or nail polish remover. Is that some sort of female fail on my part?) But, the last time I went in I made sure to take a picture of that color so … [Read more...]

Up To No Good


Hello friends :) Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’d like to report on all that I’ve been doing, but have decided not to own up to it as it’s mostly no good :( Busted! But, it’s no good in a fun way. Unbusted! Anyways, yesterday I had a meeting for work at a house in Carlsbad. If you had any question in your mind as to why I moved back to So. Cal, look at this picture and it will all … [Read more...]