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Before I was going to step foot into the Summit conference room I needed one thing – Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. This is one of the things I miss most about Maryland, I am still obsessed! Reunited and it feels so good… Then, I got breakfast – oatmeal topped with the sweetest berries I’ve had in a while and granola. I also put some brown sugar in it because I’m on vacation … [Read more...]

Too Much


Last night involved “Too Much” of a lot of things… But, that’s to be expected when you attend headlining events such as the Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party! When I finally got to my room, Chandra was tapping her foot patiently waiting for me. The HLS cocktail party started at 6pm and I didn’t even get to the room until after 5:30pm. So, I quickly put on too much … [Read more...]

What Time Is It?


I am currently blogging from the sky on my way to the Healthy Living Summit! Luckily Melissa is on the same flight and we snagged seats across the aisle from each other. Neither one of us went to HLS last year so were not exactly sure what to expect. I’m just excited to have a couple days of fun since my life has been all work and packing and un-organization lately! I hate … [Read more...]