Too Much

Last night involved “Too Much” of a lot of things…

But, that’s to be expected when you attend headlining events such as the Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party!IMG 0352 thumb Too Much

When I finally got to my room, Chandra was tapping her foot patiently waiting for me. The HLS cocktail party started at 6pm and I didn’t even get to the room until after 5:30pm.

So, I quickly put on too much make-up and took one too many shots to get the party started icon wink Too Much IMG 1460 thumb Too Much

But, when we got to the entrance we realized Chandra forgot her I.D. Boo.IMG 0353 thumb Too Much

So, we had to spend too much on another cab (plus pay him to wait) as we went back to the hotel to get it. IMG 1462 thumb Too Much

Finally we got to the party! I had too much fun meeting so many blog friends in person! I usually feel like I’m out of the loop and haven’t met that many bloggers or readers in person. It was great to see everyone and hope we get to chat more today icon smile Too Much IMG 0362 thumb Too Much

Then, Chandra and I realized we had a few too many adult beverages and hadn’t eaten dinner. So we stopped at a pub and ordered a “last meal because I’m on death row and don’t care if my arteries harden as I eat it” kind of thing.IMG 0373 thumb Too Much

We got Lobster sliders…IMG 1467 thumb Too Much

Onion rings…IMG 1468 thumb Too Much

And Lobster Mac and Cheese with White Truffle. We don’t mess around when we’re on  death row hungry.

IMG 1469 thumb Too Much

It was definitely too much delicious food, but totally necessary. Kinda.

Then, we managed to walk back to the hotel where I couldn’t wait to ditch my shoes. Note to self: New shoes and a walking city= horrible blisters. Ouch.IMG 0380 thumb Too Much

Blisters and bleeding feet aside, it was a lot of fun!IMG 0378 thumb Too Much

Despite our late night I convinced Chandra to get up with me and attempt a work out. Unfortunately, we weren’t feeling it …IMG 0383 thumb Too Much

and decided to walk to Dunkin Donuts for my beloved iced coffee. But, they didn’t have iced coffee ready yet?!IMG 0382 thumb Too Much

So now I need to wrap it up and get one before the Summit starts! See you in a bit icon smile Too Much


  1. says

    1. i am glad i got to experience that meal, even if only in photos. i remember waking up and asking how it was and was informed it was the best mac and cheese of both of your lives. YUM.

    2. i wish we would have spent more time together. we were both constantly running in two different directions. (although, you seemed to ACTUALLY be running, which completely MOTIVATED me to revamp my training plan. expect an email from me at some point about this.

    3. i adore you. so much more than words could express. but that doesnt mean i wont try. you can expect an email from me at some point about THIS, too.

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