Simple Make-Up Remover and I Ate Turkey


Day to day I don’t usually wear make-up. This is a shock because when I go out I wear tons of it.   I realize it’s probably a little too much, but this girl appreciates the glitter and there is no changing that ;) Even more shocking is – I have never slept with make-up in my life. Nope, not even once. This is surprising to my friends who guiltily admit to waking up with … [Read more...]

Up And Out


This morning I did my first run around my new neighborhood. (I actually ran here a few times before we moved to Maryland, but that’s another story for another day.) I am convinced that the route I took this morning is all uphill on the way out! Luckily that means its downhill on the way back. I can’t complain, but those first 3 miles of uphill were brutal! Mile 1: 9:11 Mile … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Summit Top Ten List


Even two days after the Healthy Living Summit I am still coming down from the high the weekend gave me. I went into it with one goal – to have fun and to meet fellow bloggers and readers in person. I didn’t expect to learn enough to make me a “super blogger” or RD overnight, but I did aim to learn, enjoy, eat and have a good time. And I did. I am very glad I went this year … [Read more...]