Simple Make-Up Remover and I Ate Turkey

Day to day I don’t usually wear make-up. This is a shock because when I go out I wear tons of it. IMG_5781 

I realize it’s probably a little too much, but this girl appreciates the glitter and there is no changing that 😉IMG_5687

Even more shocking is – I have never slept with make-up in my life. Nope, not even once. This is surprising to my friends who guiltily admit to waking up with mascara smeared on their pillow cases, especially when they realize I wear 5 times the make up they do (give or take).

I have to credit my super quick and easy make-up removal policy to my mom. When I first started wearing it she showed me how to take off any eye make-up with Baby Oil.

I know what you must be thinking, “They make oil out of babies? Gross.”IMG_0593

But it turns out this is Mineral Oil 😉 You can get it simple and plain or with added fragrance or Vitamin E too.

I pour it on a piece of toilet paper, press it to my eye, wait a minute or two and then my 68 layers of waterproof mascara come off in a smeared mess on my cheeks flash!

Now you can save yourself some guilt and stains on your pillow cases and all you need is a little baby oil from the infant section at Target. Do it do it.


I spent the day beginning to put flooring down in our new condo. (The story of the condo, our move and my next career move are coming soon too!)

Anyways, my Nino and Nina (or Godparents) came over to show me how to get started on the flooring. We worked all the way until 2:30pm when they had to leave and I realized I was super hungry.

But when I ran into the kitchen  I realized I didn’t have any vegetarian meal options (only snacks, which weren’t going to cut it). I knew I needed solid and filling food so I quickly made a turkey sandwich.

I don’t know why, but I feel super guilty every time I eat meat. I want to consider myself a vegetarian pescatarian, even though I hate labels. And eating meat once a month cancels out my membership to that club. Boo.

The reality is this was the best option for me to eat and my health and well being needed to be the priority in this situation. It is what it is.IMG_0588

I also had dessert in the form of dark chocolate and a handful of that delicious Attune granola. That bag may disappear before I realize :(IMG_0590

Your Questions

A few people asked about the Red Dress I wore on Friday at the HLS cocktail party. Well, I got it a few years ago and have no idea where :( Sorry

Bonus info: It is the same dress I wore two Halloweens ago when I wanted to be a devil. monica is la diabla

And about my tattoo – I got this flame tattoo on my left hip about 5 years ago. I thought it was going to hurt a lot more than it did. I am not saying it didn’t hurt – it did! But, I am saying that I built it up sooooo much, that it wasn’t the bloody murder I thought it was going to be. IMG_0594

Tonight is Wino Wednesday! Are you having a glass?


  1. says

    I’ve been craving meat like it’s nobodies business and I haven’t eaten any in over a year. I’m talking– give me a big fat steak asap. We shall see if I cave. I say, no worries, eat the turk and call it a day without guilt. F labels.

  2. says

    Baby oil is a trick my mom uses. I remember being a little girl and I snuck into her makeup and my eyelids got stuck together because of the mascara. I was crying and she used baby oil to get the mascara off. 😉

  3. Alaina says

    I use Vaseline to take mine off! Same concept, hah. I carry a little mini tub of it in my makeup bag, though it can be a little awkard when people are like “Um, why do you have Vaseline in your bag?” LOL.

  4. Meaghan (treadmillsandmascara) says

    Olive oil works too, and is soooo moisturizing! Just a bit on your fingers and massage on your eye and wipe off with a damp cotton pad :)

  5. says

    I never sleep with make up on either. I remember the few times I did, I woke up feeling so gross, so no matter how “hard” of a night it has been, I always remember to wash my face before bed.
    Do you think that maybe you feel guilty about eating meat because SOOOO many other bloggers are vegetarian? I had to cut out meat for dietary reasons, but it seems like vegetarianism is becoming more of a fad these days than anything. I fully believe that there are so many legitimate reasons why one would cut out meat, and that’s awesome, but if you really don’t have one, then why would you do it? Meat can be an awesome source for our health. I hope you don’t feel guilty, you are only doing what you know is best for your body and if anything, that is something to be so proud of yourself for! :)

    PS- SUPER hot dress girl! :)

    • says

      Hey Lauren :)
      No, I don’t feel guilty because so many other bloggers are veggie. I actually became vegetarian years ago right out of high school. I am very against factory farming and the treatment of animals. I don’t have a problem with the actual idea of eating animals as I believe in the circle of life on many levels.
      So, I feel guilty because I feel like I’m supporting an industry that is unethical and cruel :(
      Maybe if I only purchased free range, organic options I would feel better. But, I’m kinda poor too. I dunno…

  6. Janine says

    Hey Monica-It was great to meet you this weekend (I introduced myself midway through on Saturday…as “just a reader”). I got a bag of the chocolate flavored Attune granola…be careful b/c mine has magically disappeared already!

  7. says

    I love your makeup removal tip – I’m like you and NEVER go to sleep without washing my face. Love the red dress. Love the tattoo – I have a bird in the same spot on my left hip/lower back. It makes me happy.

  8. says

    You are gorgeous :-).

    I use target brand makeup removing wipes. I am lazy about washing my face, but give me a tub of wipes? I won’t forget to -it’s too easy! I do this about half the time, but the other half it’s facial cleanser and water..

  9. says

    My hip tattoo hurt like hell! I got it in the front to the left of my belly button.

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying about feeling guilty because it’s a cruel industry. However, you shouldn’t feel bad about eating food!

    Are you wearing false eyelashes? I’ve always wanted to wear them but never had the patience to apply…

  10. says

    I love to wear a lot of make up too, but I am horrible at taking it off! Great tip on the baby oil.. I imagine it’s a bit cheaper and probably works better than the stuff I buy and never use.

    When you wear make up, it looks awesome!! I am horrible at putting it on. I could never make my eyes looks as good as yours, jealous!

  11. ida says

    great post, i like that you wrote more and it made me laugh. I’m the same as you are far the poultry goes. i eat it once every blue moon and feel bad if it’s not free range, but I think it’s better to eat a satisfying meal than eat something that wont keep me full and lead to over eating later on. I mean eating food I don’t need isn’t good for the planet either!

  12. says

    I don’t like wine, so no.

    I consider myself a vegetarian mostly because I HATE meat, all kinds, including seafood. But for some reason, if it is battered, deep-fried, and comes with a sauce I can handle it the taste and texture. I always feel like such a liar when I tell someone I’m a vegetarian and then go and order some popcorn chicken or shrimp.

    But hey, we are who we are!

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