Test Run

Yesterday I tweeted that I was going to my favorite kind of shopping – shopping for running gear! Despite a random bad experience yesterday, this is my favorite thing to do :)

I went to a local big name running store (which I am not naming because they didn’t let me take pictures) and went through the process of being fitted and assessed for the best type of shoe for me.

They checked my balance and watched me on a treadmill. The treadmill part of it took about 25 seconds, so I am not sure how much I trust that.

Based on the tests they suggest a stability shoe.

My first pair of running shoes were stability shoes, but I hurt my ankle while running and was told it was because there was too much support on the inside of my shoe and they caused my ankle to roll out. Since then I have been wearing neutral shoes without a problem. Kinda.

I got injured after the marathon in January. So now I’m hoping a shoe with a little more stability might help prevent my knee injury from reoccurring.

After trying on a few different pairs I went with the Asics 2150. I am partial to Asics and Adidas and have only worn those running shoes. IMG_0627

See how there is a dark part on the sole of the inside? This part is more dense and will give me some more support so my ankle doesn’t collapse in and cause my knee to roll with it. IMG_0632

Then, I took them for a four mile test run!IMG_0634

Post run I came back on a mission to make a smoothie. I finally unpacked my blender last night. It was great to be reunited :)

I used this protein powder I got in the HLS swag bag. It’s going to have to grow on me because I wasn’t in love with it at first taste.IMG_0635

In the mix: ice, protein powder, spinach, almond milk, Mango Lassi yogurt drink (to sweeten it up!)IMG_0636

Topped with Attune granola and cereals. IMG_0639

I have to go buy my books for school, have an appt with Evelyn Tribole  and then find a couch today. Oh, I didn’t mention I was going back to school yet? I’ll explain later…


  1. says

    I hope your new shoes work out. I wear stability shoes because my feet roll out (is that over pronate or under? I can’t remember) anyway, they work for me. I had been wearing Sauconys but they discontinued my favorites; maybe I’ll try Asics next. Just as long as they have a wide toe box so I can shove my big feet in to them.

  2. says

    I am a total sucker for buying workout STUFF. I spend way too much money on that.

    I love my Brooks Ravenna shoes! They are the best!

  3. says

    I wear the Asics GT2150 too – and I LOVE them! I had problems with many different shoes before these and I have not had any problems at all! (rolled ankles, shin splints, knee pain, you name it.)

    I’m now on my 2nd pair & ready to get my 3rd soon.

    (One tip, if you like them, each year they increase the number by 10…so the 2011 “model” will be GT2160. At least that’s what they told me when I had to get the 2150s after thinking 2140 was where it’s at back in 2009…!)

  4. says

    I’m going shoe shopping tomorrow! They’re buy one, get one 50% off, so I get to buy 2 pairs. And I plan on buying the same one I have now and that I had before. I’m very brand loyal.

  5. Ashley C says

    I kinda feel like those things are a scam… like you said, it was only a few seconds and they placed me with the same shoes you had and they were the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever had. Luckily they let me exchange them. I hope they work out for you though! Hm, I wonder what you’re going back to school for… excited to hear for what :-)

  6. says

    Maybe you got a reallllllly cranky sales person! I totally took pics when I got fitted for running shoes. And it took much longer than 25 secs…. sketch.

  7. says

    shopping for running gear is the only shopping i do. i gravitate towards that section first! that and dresses. as in dresses for partying not anything i can wear to the office. oh priorities of mine haha

    and i think those are the current running shoes i have? they’re the only pair of asics i’ve ever run in (i’m a NB girl but these ones were on sale). i like them although they took a little getting used to because the fit was different from my standard. i’ve also gotten a TON of miles out of them. so i’m happy with that too :)

  8. says

    I adore Asics. They are the only shoes I can run in without getting shin splints or the dreaded plantar. I get the cushioning shoes though. The guy at the running store convinced me to try on new nikes and some sacony’s. I almost got the Sacony’s but after running with an Asics on one foot and the Sacony on the other, Asics was still the winner!

  9. says

    I’m going to have to get a pep talk from you about shopping. I’m the girl at the gym/out running who never buys new workout clothes and most likely smells because of it! But shoes are not something I am willing to compromise on, Asics all the way!

  10. says

    Shopping for workout stuff is my favorite too. My entire bday list was fitness related. We’ll see if I get any of it on my bday this Monday. LOL

  11. says

    I love shopping for gear! It’s so bad. I really want to try minimalist shoes. I was thinking of the Saucony Kinvara’s or Nike Free’s. I’m just afraid to try during training.

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