Close Call


This morning I woke up raring to go on an 18 miler. I was excited because I planned to run to an old route I always would do when Ben lived in Irvine. I was going to run to his old neighborhood, which would be around 7 miles and then run around there until I called him. The run started out too fast though and half way through I was begging my Garmin to show me “17.89” in the … [Read more...]



Isn’t that a pleasant blog title? Sorry, but I just feel like I am hemorrhaging money lately. Ever since we moved from Maryland money has just been slipping away at a crazy fast rate. Cross country moves are extremely expensive. Boo. And now that we’re moving into our condo we are doing repairs and buying furniture. And spending more money. We’re not being frivolous, but I … [Read more...]