Close Call

This morning I woke up raring to go on an 18 miler. I was excited because I planned to run to an old route I always would do when Ben lived in Irvine. I was going to run to his old neighborhood, which would be around 7 miles and then run around there until I called him.IMG_0654

The run started out too fast though and half way through I was begging my Garmin to show me “17.89” in the miles window. But, as much as I hoped 13.43 would turn into 18.00 it didn’t happen. I just tried to power through even though my pace was slowing way down.

At mile 16 Ben called me because he thought I had been out for 3 hours when I said I would only take around 2 and a half. He said, “Are you all right?”

I said, “No. I’m going to collapse right here on the sidewalk. This is rough. At least I’ll die in my homeland…” (Um, what can I say? I’m dramatic.)

He wanted to come get me and I knew I needed to stop so I told him to pick me up a mile from where I was since it would take us both about 10 minutes to get there.

Total: 17 miles – 9:16 average pace

Mile 1: 8:22

Mile 2: 8:33

Mile 3: 8:39

Mile 4: 8:32

Mile 5: 8:31

Mile 6: 8:35

Mile 7: 8:50

Mile 8: 8:51

Mile 9: 9:10

Mile 10: 9:05

Mile 11: 9:21

Mile 12: 9:22

Mile 13: 9:29

Mile 14: 10:00 (This is where I go wrong)

Mile 15: 9:42

Mile 16: 11:59

Mile 17: 10:19

I started out way too fast and wasn’t properly prepared for 17 miles. This is probably the reason I fell apart on the last few miles.

Once I stopped running and tried to stretch out I felt super shaky and nauseous and really bad overall :( By the time he got to me I was a mess and just wanted to get home. I am so happy he called me :)

I made myself sit in a cold water bath for a few minutes (I’m working up to the ice part and only put a few handfuls in). Then, I took a warm shower.

I’m not sure if I over hydrated or under fueled or what. All I know is I couldn’t stop shaking and felt super nauseas. I went straight to bed because I didn’t even want to be sitting up.

Ben ended up bringing me a banana to eat in bed and I fell asleep for a bit.

I sleep with a banana.I sleep with a banana

Now I’m up and feel 1,000 times better! I’m going to go over what I did before and during the run to pin point where I went wrong because I do not want to feel like that again.

I know not eating after a long run is a cardinal sin of running :( But I couldn’t even handle water at that point. When I finally got up I made a massive smoothie with the last of my beloved protein powder. I hope I can find this kind around here!IMG_0661

Topped with Bear Naked Granola the company sent me to try :) I always keep adding more as I eat the smoothie. IMG_0655

I am always honest with my thoughts on the products I try, and I really love this kind – Vanilla Almond Crunch.IMG_0657

Amazing Smoothie!  IMG_0659

Bear Naked has the best wording on their packages! This is what it says on the back of this one…

Happiness isn’t found on a clothing tag. We’ve looked! We find happiness in making healthy choices, getting outside and keeping fit – choices that make up feel better, inside and out. Often, living a healthier lifestyle begins with what we choose to eat… and that moves us to be more active.”

I like that :)


  1. says

    sounds a bit like low blood sugar to me. that happens sometimes to me too. but you are beastly and POWERED through it. way to go.

    and i love your dramatizations. i would have said the same thing about dying in my homeland :)

  2. says

    your posts make my day. glad you were rescued just in the nick of time! I think it’s pretty awesome that you covered so many miles – I haven’t pushed past 5 yet but I’m on the verge. Love Bear Naked’s message – we need more companies out there like that.

  3. says

    ugg! that has happened to me several times because i have overhydrated and underfueled so definitely look into that!

    and you sure can find spirutein down here! go to henry’s marketplace, they have a whole bunch of different flavors! i actually just bought the pb chocolate one to use…nom nom nom.

  4. says

    I’m sorry you felt cruddy, but you should still be proud of yourself for completing 17 miles! :) So hard core. I had a really bad 12 mile run this morning. Why are some long runs so easy and others are just horrible? Blah!

  5. says

    i am so sorry you felt awful!!!! I hope it never happens again, maybe it was a once in a lifetime thing. It’s a good thing you have Ben!

  6. Lindsay says

    Oh my gosh girl! You inspire me so much. I am so impressed that you can run that fast for so long. You’re hubby was so sweet to come get you and bring you food. Ya’ll are too cute :-)

  7. says

    Yikes that is really scary! Glad you are feeling better now. Sounds like you were dehydrated? Gatorade or coconut water would of probably made you felt better. This summer I’ve been super dehydrated and been taking in a lot more coconut water. Plus it is so refreshing for these hot days. 😉

  8. says

    Wow, it is a good thing you told Ben where you were going to be!! That is my one fear about running by myself in the city; I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get back home. I just got myself a RoadID, you should check them out if you don’t already have one.

    Though you are a superwoman for churning out those 17 miles. I only hope to do that amount someday (maybe this year?!).

  9. says

    Runs like that are awful – you did an amazing job though!

    I had runs like that while running for my half marathon – I would come home and sleep for like 3 hours before I could eat anything. At least you are feeling better now!

    Grea job and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. says

    I’m sorry that the run left you feeling so crappy. I know it sucks when that happens. Glad you’re up and at ’em again!

    The fact that you powered through the toughest miles all alone is seriously impressive. Next time I am out alone on a long run, I will channel my inner Monica!

  11. says

    Ben is a sweetie for picking you up and being worried! Sorry the run didn’t go as planned. I hate when that happens. But listen to your body and try again next time.

  12. says

    I’m sorry that you felt horrible, but your time is still super speedy!! You are amazing!! The bf and I love Bear Naked.. they have such good stuff!!

  13. says

    WOW! Monica, you are an amazing athlete. I know you might not think it, but you are a better runner than I could EVER be. You are an inspiration to those of us who would even dream of running more than a couple miles. I hope that you wont let your mind tell you that you failed at this run, because to me you dominated. You didnt give up. You ran and you ran HARD!! :)

  14. Dynamics says

    Sounds like low blood sugar pushed way beyond reason. This happened to me while on the top of a mountain. All you can do is sleep and wake up and eat something and then the rest of the day is shot. Make sure you fuel yourself tomorrow and you should be fine. Ben is the best!

  15. says

    I LOVE that quote! I’ve never been a big granola fan, but I’d be willing to try it just to give a company like that some profits.

    Glad you’re feeling better now!

  16. says

    I am sorry you had such a rough run! I really struggle to start off slow and conserve energy on long runs. I just want to go go go the minute my feet hit the pavement.

    At least the bad run is behind you. I always try to remember that you have to have bad runs to make the good ones worthwhile. :)

  17. says

    i love that bare naked package quote! so perfect! i can stand behind a company that thinks that way.

    also – girl. seriously. you are so introspective. i love it. i love that you take time to look at what you did before your run, during your run, and after your run to see where you can improve and take the best care of yourself and your training.

    maybe when i start running again (cough. willnotfeelguiltyfornotrunningintwoweeks. cough.) you can remind me to do this? thanks.

  18. says

    way to go on the running, despite the setback! you totally inspire me! also, i love how dramatic you are because i’m the same way. my boyfriend often rolls his eyes at my antics.

    i love reading your blog so i figured it was time i stopped in and commented. i just started mine, but please check it out sometime. i’d love to have you as a blogger friend.

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