Fail to Plan

I may be a spaz about a lot of things, but when it comes to my food I always plan, plan, plan when I know I’m busy!

I love the saying, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

And that often holds true for our meal and snack choices. If you don’t know what/when/how you’ll have access to food throughout the day you might end up having to make a meal out of vending machine options or spend way too much on crappy food.

Apparently there are even vending machines that will give ya pizza! Insane. WonderPizzaMachineSmall thumb Fail to Plan(source)

In looking for pictures of a vending machine, I came upon one that dispenses running shoes! I wish. runningshoevendingmachine thumb Fail to Plan (source)

Now, I may not pack the most appetizing looking lunch, but I get an “A” for effort since I really only have 2 minutes to throw everything in my lunch bag and get out the door. (Ben and I carpool so we make sure to leave extra early to get him to work and then me to school!)

Today’s lunch was a repeat of yesterday – leftover slaw, yogurt, cereal and an apple. Again, not all that amazing, but better than whatever I could get at the school caf, right?IMG 0720 thumb Fail to Plan

I packed this Luna protein bar and carrots with bell peppers for a snack. I don’t like the protein Luna bars at all. I’ve tried two different flavors now and think they are both bad. Just my $0.02

IMG 0722 thumb Fail to Plan

When I got home I was super hungry and dove head first into the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (aka longest name of a snack food ever).

I went with something super quick for dinner – an egg and bean burrito. I reheated the leftover beans from last night, cooked up some chili killers and threw it in a tortilla.IMG 0724 thumb Fail to Plan

Served with shredded cabbage and light ranch. IMG 0725 thumb Fail to Plan

Once again I’m headed for the watermelon icon smile Fail to Plan

Question: Truthfully, sometimes I wish I was more “go with the flow” about food stuff. Are you a planner or a go with the flow-er?


  1. says

    I used to obsess over planning when I struggled with disordered eating so I had to let some of that control go…but I think it’s different when you have a super busy schedule and you are going to be on the go. Then, you really need to plan so you don’t end up eating pizza from a vending machine. ;)

  2. says

    Pea Daddy was just telling me about that vending machine. He saw it in a travel magazine and Gigi promptly asked if we could buy one. Of course we can, honey.

  3. says

    I feel the same way but I also feel like other times I plan too much and then when the plan doesn’t carry through, I feel like I’ve failed. I need to loosen up a bit too! :)

  4. says

    I try to plan everything. But then again that is in my nature and get annoyed when it become disrupted. Anyway, I agree on those LUNA protein bars because I recieved one as a free sample…and it was just really chewy and “off” tasting. However, I am super huge fan of the regular LUNA bars (peppermint chocolate is my favorite!!)

  5. says

    I used to be a super planner and freak out if anything ruined my plan…lunch with co-workers, dinner out with friends. Anything I dind’t know the calorie content to I was unsure about eating. I’ve become far more go with the flow in the past year and it’s far less stressful. I still plan “emergency snacks” when I’m going to be out of the house for a while.

  6. says

    I totally agree with you on planning. I almost always pack food for traveling and lunch at work. When I don’t plan, I usually fail…like take for example my airplane ride back from Italy the other day. I didn’t have a chance to grab anything and tried to eat almonds to ward off the hunger…but I ended up caving and eating an airplane sandwich, complete with indigestion for the rest of the day. If you live in an environment where healthy food is always available, it’s easier to go with the flow. That’s just not the case for me.

  7. says

    Oh my, a pizza vending machine!

    I think the strangest vending machine that I’ve seen was one that vends socks. It was at an indoor water park that also had a indoor play area attached that required socks. It was weird. It really just looked like someone put a bunch of socks in a snack vending machine.

  8. Maren says

    Pizza out of a vending machine!? you’ve got to be kidding me, right? That’s craziness. I used to be a go-with-the-flow kinda girl, but I’m totally a planner now and I think it’s because I’m worried about my carb-protein-fat ratio for every meal, so I want to make sure I know what I’m eating throughout the day! Hope your second day of classes went well!

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    I’m a food planner too – I even try to look up restaurant menus before hand to figure out what I will order. I had the cherry chocolate almond protein luna bar and did not like it at all — but i really don’t like artificial tasting cherry OR almond, so that could be it. my fiance didn’t seem to mind when i handed it off to him.

    Also – I think your lunch looks delicious!

  10. says

    I’m a total planner. I really try and eat clean, less-processed foods and I’m a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, so if I don’t fully plan out what I’m going to eat things can go pretty disasterous!

    And Food Should Taste Good chips are AMAZING! But I agree…the name is too long!

  11. says

    I tend to go with the flow. I have a tendency to worry too much sometimes so I try to circumvent that by telling myself that no matter what comes my way I can survive. On the other hand, sometimes it would be nice to be a planner. It made putting together my wedding pretty difficult.

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