Lead Legs and Two A Days

This morning I couldn’t shake the lead out of my legs. My whole 6 mile run felt slow and difficult.

Even when I wasn’t going uphill, I felt like I was going uphill. Does that make sense?IMG 0729 thumb Lead Legs and Two A Days

Anyways, I was supposed to do 7 miles today, but around mile 3 considered only doing 5 this morning and doing 2 more after school tonight. I’m not an afternoon runner, so I knew this might just be setting myself up for frustration.

I dunno, I think I might try two miles in the afternoon at some point. I want to keep my mileage high as I get into the Monster Month of Marathon training, but I also don’t want to make myself dread running or even worse, get injured.

After my run it was a rush to get out the door. I quickly packed my lunch while Ben was in the shower.IMG 0732 thumb Lead Legs and Two A Days

Then, I made a smoothie to go.

In the mix: Vega smoothie powder (not a fan), spinach, ice, frozen pineapple, chia seeds, almond milk.IMG 0730 thumb Lead Legs and Two A Days

And grabbed a couple oatmeal packets to make at work icon smile Lead Legs and Two A Days IMG 0731 thumb Lead Legs and Two A Days

Question: Have you ever done two-a-days?

Me: I am normally against it because I feel like it makes it easy to cross the line of too much exercise and becoming obsessive. But, if I can’t fit in all my miles in my mornings I may have to do a few…

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  1. Wendy says

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you’re running uphill. Some days are just like that for me too. I actually really enjoy 2-a-days because it allows me to run once in the morning and once at night for extra miles. I only do that with short runs though, like three miles each. It works particularly well on hot days like these!

  2. says

    When I have days like this I just chalk it up to my body telling me I need a little rest. I make up the mileage on a day when I have more energy instead of doing 2-a-days. Cuz like you, I wonder if working out twice a day is a bit excessive and border line too much.

  3. says

    I’ve never done two-a-days. They recommended them to prepare for our relay, but I don’t know if I’d like it. One run per day is enough for me, mentally.

  4. says

    this is so weird, as i was driving to work this morning i was thinking about how i could NOT do two-a-days. i was even thinking of posting about it tonight! that’s so random.

    annnyway, i don’t know how you run such long distances, especially in the morning. i wish i lived next door to you so you could teach me the ways ;)

  5. says

    I’ve done 2 a days in the past but I don’t like taking that many showers a day – not kidding. And the double workout clothes that have to be washed. Haha. But for real.

  6. says

    I love two a days when they fit into my schedule. If I get up and lift or do interval training early in the morning, then work and run after or vice versa, it really doesn’t feel like I did anything that morning after a long day of work.

  7. says

    I did two-a-days twice a week one summer while I was training, it’s alright and I liked it. But I hate running days when your legs feel heavy the entire time, they make me hate running. Sometimes you just need a lighter day and then you feel great tomorrow.

  8. says

    I’ve done two-a-days, but only one of the workouts is running. I work out in the morning and some days I can’t get out the door early enough to do everything I want to do at the gym. So I’ll run in the morning and strength train at night or something like that. If I can’t fit in the miles, I’ll usually try to make them up later in the week or just skip them. I figure a few missed miles won’t mess up training too much in the long run.

  9. says

    Hey (love your blog)

    As far as 2 a days go, I sometimes find myself doing a smaller run in the morning and then being totally up for doing another in the evening, but for some reason I never think that this is a good idea! Not sure why, maybe it’s because I would feel a bit exercise-obsessed or maybe i’m the kind of exerciser who likes to bunch up my daily exercise in one go?! Who knows. If I could be bothered to take two showers a day I probably would go for more 2 a days, but well done to you for managing it!

  10. says

    I know the feeling of lead legs all too well, in fact this past week has been a struggle to loosen up after my evening runs in order to be able to run again in the morning. I usually do two a day work outs when I’m training for a big race. In my case, I have a big relay this weekend and a half marathon in November. I like to split things up because I work and go to school and for the most part, it is hard to find a large block of time for me to do one solid run. For me, the key to getting through it to switch up my routes, always do a good stretch/cool down, and always keep my post-run snack on the brain.

  11. says

    I’ve recently started doing two-a-days regularly (3-4 days a week out of a six day regimen). While I do them I feel super energized all day, and totally accomplished, but I do find that I burn out after about 4 weeks, and need to take a week at a slower pace to recover. Every body is different though.

    I think the fact that you’re training for a marathon is amazing! I’m so impressed.

  12. says

    I do two-a-days every day–with four kids it is the only way I can get my work outs in! But I only do cardio once a day–my other work out is either strength or yoga or pilates.

  13. says

    I really like 2-a-days, it can be a really good way to get mileage in when you ae short on time, energy, or motivation in the morning. And some times I use them to get in a really high mileage day while giving my body a break. I think you can do it!

  14. says

    It’s so funny that you mentioned 2 a days because I actually promised myself that I’d do a few this week…I haven’t gotten there yet, but I think that’s a good thing. I always want to get into 2 a days when I’m eating my face off haha, but I do feel crazy when the same lady swipes my gym card in the afternoon after our conversation when I checked in just 4 hours prior. I used to play varsity lacrosse in college, where 2 and even 3 a days were almost the norm, but I don’t think I’d be able to commit to a schedule of 2 a days on my own

  15. says

    I hate that feeling and I know exactly what you mean! It feels like you are constantly climbing a huge hill even on level surface. Lead legs are the worst!

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