Confession Thursday


I hear Thursday is Confession day and since I was raised Catholic and all, I thought I’d partake. I mean, I already feel so guilty about all this stuff maybe confessing would relieve some of my anxiety… Confession: 1. I miss Maryland. More specifically, I miss my friends Kristin and Matt :( And the beautiful paths I used to run on by our apartment. 2. When people are too … [Read more...]

The Perfect Scone


Oh.My.Gosh. I found that elusive scone I had been searching for. The one I had heard rave reviews about over and over. I found it. And it may have changed the way I look at scones forever. I used to not be the biggest fan of scones. “Too dry” I’d say, “Not sweet enough”. I always reached for a muffin or cookie at the bakery before a scone. But, these scones are more like … [Read more...]

Defeats The Purpose


I asked Ben to cook dinner tonight. On the menu: Salmon burgers He cooked them, but as soon as I got home I pushed my way into the kitchen to finish preparing the fixings and ate a ton of chips in the process. Which defeats the purpose of me trying to stay out of the kitchen to avoid snacking while cooking. Well, it was still an amazing meal :)  I am obsessed with … [Read more...]