Confession Thursday

I hear Thursday is Confession day and since I was raised Catholic and all, I thought I’d partake. I mean, I already feel so guilty about all this stuff maybe confessing would relieve some of my anxiety…


1. I miss Maryland.

More specifically, I miss my friends Kristin and Matt :(IMG_9546

And the beautiful paths I used to run on by our apartment.IMG_7854

2. When people are too nice to me I think it’s because I’m going to die soon and they must know it on some level (maybe subconsciously). So, don’t be too nice to me. But don’t be mean either…

3. I don’t like my new hair. But, I’m going to stick it out for a while and see how it goes.

4. After eating Chicago Deep Dish Pizza I think I am ruined for pizza forever. I think that is the best pizza I have ever had and I don’t want to forget how it tasted. Now I am trying to avoid one of my fave foods. IMG_0494

5. I weighed myself today and haven’t lost any. But I haven’t gained either. So I’ll chalk it up to a draw?

(I don’t weigh myself that often, I know some readers are weird about weighing in.)

6. I am training for a marathon I haven’t registered for yet…

7. I ate cereal after blogging the last 3 nights in a row. (See: #5)

8. I meant this post to be funny, but you can’t win ‘em all.

9. We still aren’t unpacked. And we’re still sleeping on an air mattress. Apparently Ben and I think living out of boxes is cool. It’s

10. I haven’t watched TV since last week. And that makes me sad. Anyone wanna update me on the Housewives or other pop culture crap I should know?

Q: Okay, I spilled my guts. Now it’s your turn. Anyone have anything they’d like to confess?


  1. says

    Confession: I watched the new lifetime movie, and it was good! I had to watch it because the lead actress plays Teddy on Grey’s and the lead actor was from Heroes. Is it weird that I have actor loyalty much like I have brand loyalty for running shoes?

  2. says

    Confession: I cry at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t take much. TV shows, movies, books, commercials, someone being really sweet….It’s ridiculous. I’m also very clumsy. And that often makes me cry too. 😉

  3. says

    -My husband and I moved in to our house last January. I would still not consider us “moved in!”
    -I have not been able to STOP fulfilling the label of “binger,” but I am working on it. Yesterday and today have been a good start.

  4. says

    confession: the girl who i’ve replaced at my job said that i’ll be really busy all the time and that there’s always something to do. ummmm i’m blogging right now. i think that’s a problem?!

  5. says

    I adore these types of posts!
    Confession: I just moved as well and blame everything on it – like being late to work, not getting enough sleep (because I am reading blogs), not making healthy meals (because I am lazy sometimes).
    I also tell myself every day that I am going to stop buying iced coffee, but I can’t!!!!!

      • says

        I feel so much better… I just moved and I blame *EVERYTHING* on moving.
        Can’t find my fav shirt? blame moving (must still be in a box!)
        Late for work every day? blame moving (can’t find my alarm clock, must be in a box!)
        Staying up hours past my normal bedtime every night? (Blame moving. Regardless of the fact I was actually reading blogs until 1AM)
        Must stop for an americano every day? Blame moving (since, you know, i broke my coffee maker packing)
        Not making my own lunches and buying every day at work? (Blame moving)

        I’m starting to wonder how long I can use this excuse…. Six months, at least, right?!

  6. says

    – Even though I really only just met you, and only saw you for approx 48 hours, I miss your craziness.
    – Also, I’m jealous that you live in California.


  7. says

    Confession: I made banana soft serve last night for the first time and loved it but I also added 2 tbsp of white chocolate wonderful pb and a ton of chocolate chips to it. I don’t know if I can consider it a healthy ice cream alternative anymore. LOL.

    I am supposed to rejoin WW with my friend tonight but someone invited me out for margaritas….decisions decisions.

    I always think people hate me! It’s the worst hang up in the world. I always assume people are fake nice and secretly talking about me behind my back. Crazy?

  8. Ella says

    1. i bought a jar of dark chocolate peanut butter dreams on monday. it is now thursday and the jar is more than halfway gone.
    2. i bought a corkscrew for my new apartment style dorm back at school, knowing deep down it’ll never get used. confession, i strictly drink boxed wine. classy.
    3. i’m a ballerina, but i can’t touch my toes.

  9. says

    I signed up for 10-days of yoga for $10, went yesterday and have no real desire to go back AND I ate about 9 pineapple samples at the grocery store today. I’m THAT girl.

  10. says

    I ordered the quesadilla explosion salad last night for dinner from Chili’s and planned to only eat half but I ate the whole thing. I felt so full and so cheesy-gross. I’m still regretting it today.

  11. says

    I love confession time.
    My husband is returning from deployment this weekend and while I’m really happy that he’s coming home I’m kind of bummed that 1) I have to start cooking dinner again and 2) I won’t have the bed all to myself anymore.

  12. says

    My confession: I love it when people post confessions!

    I stopped weighing myself on the first day of marathon training. I am also using long runs as excuses to eat ice cream and carrot cake.

  13. says

    1. I went to Dunkin Donuts today and got a jelly stick. It was delicious. I was covered in sugar.
    2. +1 to the MIOBI watchers…my DVR has been broken for a month, so I drive 30 minutes to a friend’s house every week to watch it because he’s the only one I know that also watches it and will not make fun of me…

  14. says

    1. I am too nervous to write my first blog post. I’ve decided commenting is a good first step because it’s more or (likelier) less a baby blog post.
    2. I am very good at rationalizing my decisions.

  15. Zuzanka says

    1. I miss running in Columbia too, especially those duckies, ridiculously cold water from one water fountain, the lake at sunrise, the mile markers on the trials and, most of all, the people I used to run on them with :(
    2. I worked my butt off to qualify for Boston and will run it in April, signed up for yet another marathon that’s in 2 months, but I’m getting kind of sick of running and wish I could start focusing on something else instead.

  16. Maren says

    I didn’t feel good at lunch so I ended up only eating a few bites of my chicken and sweet potato….then when I got back to work, I finished my lunch by eating 5 pieces of hard candy. Totally worth it.

  17. Sarah E says

    1) I just used making puppy chow as an excuse to not pack the rest of my stuff for my move back to school.
    2) My 8-miler this morning is justification for eating large quantities of said puppy chow.
    3) I wonder if I am crazy at least once during every long marathon training run.

  18. says

    Oh.. the confessions I have going through my head right now… let’s start with my twitter confession:
    #1: I’m not in love with running lately like I used to be… I haven’t been for awhile. I hope it will come back this fall, but I’m not going to push it.

    #2: I’m scared sh*tless over my recent career leap and am afraid I will fail.

    #3: I REALLY want you to come visit me for a weekend in September.

    I could do more, but I’ll leave it at that for now. 😉

  19. says


    I hate chickpeas. They make me gag and I think they taste like dirt.

    Am I allowed to blog now that I admitted that?

  20. says

    1) I just ate about 5 gluten free oreo style cookies, because I finally found them and have been craving them for about a month.

    2) I want to eat more cookies.

    3) I am afraid to run today because my ankle hurts and I fear I reinjured it.

    I want to eat more cookies.

  21. says

    Love this post! My confessions:
    1. I feel like Usher right now, I’m trying to make what I’m about to type rhyme and say it cutesy / try to sing it out loud. Ha!
    2. I will be hiking up a MOUNTAIN in 16 days and I am totally undertrained and freaked out.
    3. My sister tells me that after we climb Pikes Peak, we’ll be too tired to go out later that evening. I think she’s wrong.
    4. I am trying to start exercising in the AM and quit daily Starbucks fixes. This morning, I rewarded myself for doing a morning run with Starbucks.

  22. says

    I confess that I have been meaning to post a blog all week long and it is Thursday and I still haven’t done it! And I’m super busy today, (I know…that’s why I’m online reading blogs, right?) so it probably won’t get done today either!

  23. says

    Same confessions for me for items #4 and #10

    When I moved to OC from San Diego, I slept in my comfortable queen size airbed from Costco for 3 months :) It was comfy :)

    I think you’re good to go for the October Long Beach marathon!

  24. Rebecca says

    Confession #1- I’ve been training for a marathon I can’t afford to register for. SADNESS.
    Confession #2- I’m supposed to be happy the money went to a better cause, but I’m so very depressed.

  25. Laura says

    My parents bought my husband and I park hopper tickets to Disneyland. We were planning to go next month for our 6 month wedding anniversary but I just realized that I lost them. I have been searching frantically for the past two hours. Looks like I will have to charge them because I don’t want the hubby to know. I’m so upset with myself! Anyone know where to find good pricing?

  26. says

    I think I have eaten cereal every night for the past 300 days! lol. I am on a serious cereal snack kick lately that simply can not be broken. :)

    PS- I love your new hair! 😉

  27. Kristin says

    Maryland misses you too! And more specially we miss you {and Ben} too! Totally weird timing btw, I was just thinking how I should email you and then I hopped on here and saw #1. I’m still going to email you though! :)

  28. says

    Hummm I have a lot to sayy But I will keep it short and sweet :)

    1) I only weigh myself when I know I have been eating well 😉

    2) If I barrow my sisters clothes and get them dirty I hide them in my car.

    3) I am kinda happy vegetables make me sick, I never liked them to begin with.

  29. says

    #1 – I run faster if someone walks past me or i pass a group of people, even if i’m dying for a rest

    #2 – If i’m at home most/all of the day I have to stop myself from constantly hovering near the fridge. So I make myself copious cups of tea/coffee instead, thinking this will stop me from snacking. It doesn’t

    #3 – I’m training for my first race next month and am terrified. My parents were both marathon runners and i’m very new to it all… and like a few others who have commented I seem to justify junk food binges with long runs…not sure if I can keep this up!

  30. says

    I had a huge order of pad thai late last night and feel sooo gross today-eating raw foods all day today to compensate hopefully

    2.-I miss my ex-bf and seriously wonder if I’ll ever be happy again

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