Defeats The Purpose

I asked Ben to cook dinner tonight.

On the menu: Salmon burgersIMG_0742

He cooked them, but as soon as I got home I pushed my way into the kitchen to finish preparing the fixings and ate a ton of chips in the process.

Which defeats the purpose of me trying to stay out of the kitchen to avoid snacking while cooking.IMG_0743

Well, it was still an amazing meal :)IMG_0739 

I am obsessed with TJ’s dark chocolate wedges. They are cut into small pieces so you can just have one to satify your chocolate craving.

But, I eat 4.  I guess that defeats the purpose of the wedge. I should just buy a whole bar…IMG_0744 

Yesterday I wrote about how you should plan ahead to avoid hitting up the vending machines at school or work. And the very next day (today, hello) I was craving a salty snack and not the Fiber One bar I packed…IMG_0737

So I perused my school’s vending machine to see if they had anything remotely decent. Popchips! Score. But, partaking in the vending machine really defeats the purpose of me packing my own snack. pop chips 

Lunch was the exact same thing as always (or at least it seems that way)– AB&J, yogurt with cereal and an apple. Having the same lunch every day really defeats the purpose of having a food blog :( IMG_0736

And I realize that with the craziness of this week I have not followed my training program at all and am just running what I feel like. Which defeats the purpose of said program.

And now I’m on the hunt for a cheap netbook since my school has wifi and I don’t want to let it go to waste… 

Updated to add: I just ate 2 Vitatops with a glass of milk in a futile attempt to satisfy my chocolate muffin craving after reading Jenna’s recipe for Double Chocolate Muffins. I must collect the ingredients and make those muffins asap!!!



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    I think you’re doing a pretty damn good job if I say so myself! You have a whole lot going on and adjustments in schedule for work & school so just keep pushing forward. <3

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    I always do this too whenever Toly offers to cook. He simply can not keep me out of the kitchen.

    You have so much going on right now girl and you are doing a fantastic job at keeping it all together! 😉

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    It is funny because I have recently gave up my idea of labeling any foods forbidden. I bought my favorite “forbidden” cereal back into the house recently and I still ate the whole box within a 2 day period. I realized that I am not ready to bring this food into my home because it is still is a trigger food for me. Good old learning process I guess. Anyway, I have also noticed I haven’t been craving a lot of salty foods…wonder what that is about?? But I sure do crave the sweets and my order of vitatops will be arriving today in the mail. SCORE!!

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      Yeah, I think it’s super important to take off any forbidden labels – but not set yourself up for disaster at the same time. It’s a balance and finding what’s right for you is hard. Good luck :)

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    I hate when you pack something and you are craving something totally different. It then requires finding a balance between listening to your body – and perhaps your wallet.

    I love salmon burgers – looks like Ben is a good cook!

    I also want to make Jenna’s muffin recipe – heavenly!

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