Get Ready For Your Long Run!


I have a long run planned for tomorrow, but after last weekend’s disastrous effort :( I think some tips and motivation are in order. Tips for running in Hot Weather: 1. HYDRATE!!! Here are 11 hydration strategies from 2. Wear sweat wicking, light colored running gear. Two words: chafing sucks. Prevent chafing with sweat wicking gear, Vaseline or body glide … [Read more...]

Best Purchase of The Week


Hello and welcome to 5K Friday over at RER :) Did you run a 5K this morning? I did. Nice and slow to get my legs loosened up for tomorrow’s long run. Since we just moved, I am in the process of filling our little nest with twigs house wares. Definitely the best purchase of the week has to be this cereal dispenser from Target. I have eyed this thing since I registered for our … [Read more...]

Lunch Date and Popcorn


I got out of class a little early today and had time to meet up with Ben for lunch before I had to get to work.  We’ve been so busy with fixing up the house and me starting school. It was nice to just have a relaxing lunch together and hang out. My lunch – I ordered the salmon plate. It came with miso soup and salmon of course! Instead of tempura I opted for steamed … [Read more...]