Mexican Meatless Monday – Wet Burrito

My mom never made wet burritos when I was a kid, but I still think wet burritos are one of the best things to get at a Mexican restaurant. IMG_0860

If you’re not aware, a wet burrito is just a normal burrito bathed in enchilada sauce and topped with cheese. You must eat it with a knife and fork. Normally, I’m against using utensils to eat foods that should be eaten with your hands (burritos, pizza, brownies, hot dogs). But, in this case I am all about a big, messy, wet burrito that requires utensils.

My key ingredients: meatless crumbles and enchilada sauce.IMG_0852

Layer up the burrito: beans, spinach, meatless crumbles, onions, salsa. Then, wrap as tight as you can and top with enchilada sauce and cheese (I am out of queso). You can either broil it to heat and melt the cheese or nuke it.IMG_0855  Served with a pile of Guacamole!IMG_0858

Dig in!IMG_0863

Before my wet burrito extravaganza I had a full day of work and then school and then picking up Ben from work. Exciting huh. I know.

I packed a big veggie burger salad for lunch, cantaloupe and yogurt. This was the fig flavor from Voskos and it turns out I’m not the biggest fan of figs. Which is surprising since I adore Fig Newtons, but I digress.


Snackage: trail mix, apple and carrots. I didn’t think I was that hungry in between class and lab when I have 10 minutes to eat so I skipped the trail mix. Big mistake. An hour into lab (where you cannot eat) I was starving and tore out of class like a hungry beast.IMG_0851

And what is required after a l-o-n-g Monday? Margaritas? Not today.

Today I had ice cream. Actually, I am back to being obsessed with ice cream and chickpeas and want it every night. Shocker. IMG_0865

Question of the day: How hard was it for Monica not to make a very dirty reference about “wet burritos” in this post?

Answer: Very, very hard. (TWSS)

Ben’s Joke of the Day:
Q: How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Just Juan


  1. says

    Those jokes are terrible! And I laughed anyway!

    I have recently discovered (in the last year or two) my obsession with guacamole. Your post just reaffirmed my purchase of some this evening. Now what to eat it with . . .

  2. says

    I’m 100% with you on the fig thing…love me some newtons, but actual figs or anything else fig flavored kind of wigs me out. I’ve even tried them dried, but they just aren’t my thing at all.

    Ben’s joke was hilarious! Good thing I wasn’t eating cereal when I read that or milk would’ve come out my nose :)

  3. says

    I’ve had that Skinny Cow mini Cookies ‘n Cream… wasn’t a fan. Mine was all cream, no cookies! Total rip off.

    And as you would expect of me, I totally lol’d at your Q&A and Ben’s joke.

    PS – now I’m craving enchiladas… thanks a lot…

  4. s says

    hey that’s kinda how i usually eat my burritos – i add lots of salsa. i feel hip now that it is an actual culinary phenomenon.
    also i really like those skinny cow ice creams! the best (tho most caloric) imho is the caramel cone one.

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