Two-fer Tuesday

This post is a twofer – breakfast and lunch, which I don’t usually post together. I normally do breakfast and then come back at the end of the day for lunch and dinner, but my new schedule will be changing a few things on certain days.

My legs felt tired this morning so I decided to just do an easy 4 miles and call it a work out. I stretched for two minutes before I went to get ready, so that goal needs work.

Before I hit the shower I put my oats and almond milk together to soak and speed up the cooking process.IMG_0866

Then, I added banana, salt, cinnamon and chia seeds to cook. Topped with AB.IMG_0868

Then, I slapped on my closed toed shoes (lab required) that I got from Payless yesterday and went to school. IMG_0877

Unfortunately, I had to eat my lunch on the run. I made a veggie wrap filled with hummus, laughing cow cheese and veggies; plus carrots, cantaloupe and a Vitatop (no pic). IMG_0873This is a pretty carb heavy/protein light lunch, so we’ll see how that holds me.

My Weekly Goal Progress:

1. Get 8 hours of sleep every night – I got 7 last night, but tonight I’ll get 8!

2. Stretch after every run – Need to allow at least 5 minutes for this.

3. Turn off the computer by 9:15pm and get ready for bed – Turned off the computer at 9:30pm, so I’m getting there.

How did you do on your weekly goals yesterday?

Question of the Day: If you could make any food in the world calorie/fat free – what would it be? (It still tastes the same.)

Me: Birthday Cake. Birthday cake, anyone’s birthday cake, should not have calories. Eating birthday cake is part of the celebration of that person’s life. It’s only right.


    • says

      What an awesome questions! I’ve wished that so many things were calorie free it’s so hard to pick just one, but I have to say Ice Cream especially Maggie Moos banana oooo

  1. says

    I have not been getting eight hours of sleep…and I am feeling it! It might be light out when I go to bed tonight.

    If I could make anything a free food…pizza! I could eat it every single day.

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