Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday


How many M’s can I get into a title? Well, I stopped at four because I wanted to title this post: “Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday with Monica” but I thought that would be too much. Well, I survived. Today was my first day of school and my first day of my new part time job. I never mentioned it, but I ended up leaving my previous part time job for personal reasons. So … [Read more...]

You know what day it is…


Pinata Party Time! Just kidding, it's Mexican Meatless Monday! Are you going Meatless today?? Or Mexican? Or both??? It may or may not also be Margarita Monday as I am starting both new school and a new job today. My stomach is in knots... Make it a great Monday :) Question: Margarita - blended or on the rocks? I always go blended. Mango flavor if available. … [Read more...]

Back To School


  I mentioned the other day that I was buying books for school. And I kinda owe you an explanation, so here it is… I have been thinking about going back to school for a long time, and now I am finally biting the bullet and going for it. I took the GRE over a year ago when I was first toying with the idea, but first I wanted to give my degree the opportunity to fly. I … [Read more...]

Scone Search


This morning I was on a mission to find what I’ve heard to be the best scones in Orange County. As soon as I woke up I changed and went to a local bakery I’ve heard people rave about. But, they were closed :( Boo. Defeated I went home and made breakfast… But not before stopping in at the grocery store for a few “key ingredients” for breakfast. I got a cheese danish to share … [Read more...]

Yogurtland Rules


Ben built all our Ikea furniture today and we had our first meal on our new dinner table. I was on a mission to find a pub height table and found a winner last night. I love it! I was hungry when I was shopping and threw some extras into the cart at Trader Joes– like sourdough bread and roasted red pepper spread. The bread was good, the spread not so much. After a hard … [Read more...]

Close Call


This morning I woke up raring to go on an 18 miler. I was excited because I planned to run to an old route I always would do when Ben lived in Irvine. I was going to run to his old neighborhood, which would be around 7 miles and then run around there until I called him. The run started out too fast though and half way through I was begging my Garmin to show me “17.89” in the … [Read more...]



Isn’t that a pleasant blog title? Sorry, but I just feel like I am hemorrhaging money lately. Ever since we moved from Maryland money has just been slipping away at a crazy fast rate. Cross country moves are extremely expensive. Boo. And now that we’re moving into our condo we are doing repairs and buying furniture. And spending more money. We’re not being frivolous, but I … [Read more...]

Test Run


Yesterday I tweeted that I was going to my favorite kind of shopping – shopping for running gear! Despite a random bad experience yesterday, this is my favorite thing to do :) I went to a local big name running store (which I am not naming because they didn’t let me take pictures) and went through the process of being fitted and assessed for the best type of shoe for me. They … [Read more...]

Fat Is Not A Feeling


I originally heard the term “Fat is not a feeling” from Roni’s Weigh. I love the saying and whenever I hear someone say, “I feel fat.” I always reply - “Fat is not a feeling. Happy, mad, sad – those are feelings, but fat is a whole other thing.” Well, today I felt fat. I went to go try on some running clothes. I was looking for a few pieces of running shorts and shirts to … [Read more...]

My Own Little Space


Since we did most of the living room floor yesterday, but still don’t have furniture, it’s just one clear and open space right now. It would be perfect for me to practice some yoga, but we don’t have the TV set up yet so I can’t put on a DVD. Oh well, I think I’ll do a couple sun salutations and call it a work out :) Please ignore how dirty my yoga mat is :( It got super … [Read more...]

Wino Wednesday!


Today I am starting a new blog series – Wino Wednesday. Wino Wednesday is important because if ever a day of the week requires a glass of wine, it’s  right smack dab in the middle of the week – Wednesday! Today I’m drinking Castle Rock 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. I am a white wine girl so I am thinking the first few Wino Wednesdays will showcase whites and I will gradually … [Read more...]

Simple Make-Up Remover and I Ate Turkey


Day to day I don’t usually wear make-up. This is a shock because when I go out I wear tons of it.   I realize it’s probably a little too much, but this girl appreciates the glitter and there is no changing that ;) Even more shocking is – I have never slept with make-up in my life. Nope, not even once. This is surprising to my friends who guiltily admit to waking up with … [Read more...]

Up And Out


This morning I did my first run around my new neighborhood. (I actually ran here a few times before we moved to Maryland, but that’s another story for another day.) I am convinced that the route I took this morning is all uphill on the way out! Luckily that means its downhill on the way back. I can’t complain, but those first 3 miles of uphill were brutal! Mile 1: 9:11 Mile … [Read more...]

Healthy Living Summit Top Ten List


Even two days after the Healthy Living Summit I am still coming down from the high the weekend gave me. I went into it with one goal – to have fun and to meet fellow bloggers and readers in person. I didn’t expect to learn enough to make me a “super blogger” or RD overnight, but I did aim to learn, enjoy, eat and have a good time. And I did. I am very glad I went this year … [Read more...]

On The Move


Hello and Happy Tuesday :) Last night was the last night we are staying at my mom’s. Our condo is still in shambles, but I need to bite the bullet and officially move in so I can start fixing it up. Yes, we’re going to be sleeping on an air mattress, but part of that is because we don’t want to get a bed until we re-do the floors. Over the weekend Ben started pulling up … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Mushroom Enchilada Casserole


Hello and welcome to another round of Mexican Meatless Monday, courtesy of your local Mexican blogger, Me :) Ole! This is a quick and dirty easy way to make enchiladas since you don’t have to roll them and get your hands and everything else in the kitchen covered in enchilada sauce! Mushroom Green Enchilada Casserole Ingredients: 1/2c diced onions package of … [Read more...]