Three Healthy Things Thursday

monica 2

Hello and welcome to a new day :) After thinking about my last few days I realize I was taking IE for granted and I need to make an effort to get back on the healthy train.  Not everyone has to make such a big effort, but not everyone has to get 8 hours of sleep to avoid binging. Everyone is different. Here are three healthy things I did for myself today... 1.) Got up and did … [Read more...]

Rearranging Things and a Rant


Hello peeps :) Hope you all had a good day! It’s Wednesday night, which means the weekend is peeking around the corner. Hang in there! (That speech was more for me than for you.) I don’t think my frozen meal, salad and apple lunch was enough food because I was hungry an hour later. I managed to postpone my snack until 3pm (between class and lab),  but left class super hungry … [Read more...]

Hello Old Friend


Unfortunately, lately I’ve been super busy and neglecting old friends because of this :( In this case my old friend is my foam roller. I haven’t used it at all since we moved in June! What makes it worse is June through September has included all of my marathon training – the time when I should use the foam roller most of all. Fail Monica, fail. Well, my IT band has been … [Read more...]

Stress Eating Is Not Intuitive Eating


It’s been over a month since my last appointment with Evelyn Tribole (RD and author of Intuitive Eating). Unfortunately, I’ve been way too busy to see her since then, but I have been doing really well with intuitive eating. Or at least, I was doing really well up until this week. I am still learning my body’s hunger cues so I really need to pay attention to them - something … [Read more...]

To Go Tuesday!


I have an early class on Tuesdays and Thursday. Don’t really know what I was thinking when I made my schedule, but that’s besides the point now. Most of the time I take my breakfast to go on Tuesdays. I always intend to eat it at home, hence the lovely bowl and presentation… It’s filled with vanilla Greek yogurt, cereals (I always use at least 3), chia seeds and PB.  … [Read more...]

Chickpeas Are Back!


Around a year ago Rose and I founded the Chickpea Lover’s Club. We were both living in Maryland at the time and shared a love of blogging, kitties and of course, chickpeas :) Back then I used to get massive cans of chickpeas from Costco. But, since moving back to California I cannot find cans big enough to satisfy my chickpea appetite. I kinda haven’t been bothering with … [Read more...]

What TV Show Would You Be On?


Boo. I just realized I missed the season premier of The Amazing Race last night :( Amazing Race is the television show I want to be on most! I think it would be hysterical to see Ben and I running around the world, cameras capturing our every fight and inappropriate conversation :/ Lunch was not nearly as excited as racing around the world, but it's a Monday full of work and … [Read more...]

Last Monday Mini Goals of September


Hello :) Today is the last Monday of September! This means it's the last chance to make some weekly goals for Sept. 2010! What are yours? My Monday Mini-Goals: 1. Do 8 minute Abs  & spend 10 minutes stretching everyday 2. Brush teeth right after dinner 3. Get Organized with writing, home stuff and school This morning I did a slow and steady 6 miles. Once again my legs … [Read more...]

Healthy – Not So Healthy


Sorry kids, this is the most random post. Ever. And ever is a long time, so you should be impressed. Today’s eats were random because I didn’t feel like cooking after my Thai classic adventure, but I was HUNGRY all day! Since I was uninspired to cook, but very munchy the day ended up being a mix of eats. It starts off healthy and kind of goes down hill as the day … [Read more...]

Thai Classic – Tom Kha Gai


The second challenge for Project Food Blog is called “The Classics”. You are supposed to choose a classic dish from another culture, something that’s outside your comfort zone. Since my comfort zone is obviously eating chocolate almond butter right out of the jar I figured pretty much anything that required me to actually cook would be game. Actually, I think Mexican food is … [Read more...]

Lazy Sunday?


I can’t remember the last time I had a Lazy Sunday. It seems like I always have a long To Do list on what is supposed to be a day of rest. Well, at least I get a rest from running on Sundays. Today Ben and I took a walk to get the day started. Before we left I had a couple handfuls of cereal to tide me over. I love that there is a close path by our place. I was in love with … [Read more...]

Old Stomping Grounds


I have grand plans for cooking tomorrow, but was not feeling like stepping into the kitchen to make dinner tonight. I considered forcing myself to make something, but I have been craving Thai Spice since we got back to Orange County. Aaaand I really wanted a food reward for my long run and hard week, so we went for it… Ben and I used to go here all the time when we were … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from a Long Run


My 20 mile long run this morning was rough :( I had to pee at mile 6… my stomach started hurting around mile 8… the “random” on my phone is not random at all and played Incubus so many times I finally stopped running dug my phone out and deleted the song all together… I picked a bad route and ended up having to go uphill for too long around mile 16 (read” walk)… and I … [Read more...]

It’s Not Fair


It’s not fair that I get to go to two different fairs this year – The O.C. Fair (that I attended last month) and the L.A. County Fair that I went to today :)  My mom, little brother and I hit the fair this afternoon. My mom read about a special deal where if you bring 5 cans of food to donate to the LA Food Bank you get in free. A good cause and a free ticket? Sign me … [Read more...]

Finally Friday and A Weigh In


Whew! I made it. Just barely, but I did make it to Friday. This week was rough, but I’m glad it’s over :) I think all the stress has accumulated on my body though because I woke up with my eye twitching ;) <- No, I’m not winking at you. My eye is twitching. I have been avoiding the scale since Curacao since I knew I over did it a lot there. This morning I finally bit … [Read more...]