7 Miles and some Chips


Good Morning and Happy Wednesday :) This morning I did 7 miles at around a 9:05 pace. It was supposed to be a tempo run, but since we moved to a more hilly area I have completely slacked off on trying to increase speed. I need to re-examine my goals and training plan if I want to get better! I think 7 miles is the most I’ve ever done before work. I don’t really have the … [Read more...]

Waving The White Flag


Finally, after years of fighting it, I’ve decided to wave the white flag on my battle with dessert. The truth is, I can never go more than one or two days without returning to my old night time eating habits. I always find my way into the kitchen at night, and as much as I formerly wanted to break this habit, I think it’s best to work with it and reign it in - instead of trying … [Read more...]