Waving The White Flag

Finally, after years of fighting it, I’ve decided to wave the white flag on my battle with dessert. The truth is, I can never go more than one or two days without returning to my old night time eating habits. I always find my way into the kitchen at night, and as much as I formerly wanted to break this habit, I think it’s best to work with it and reign it in – instead of trying to stop it.

So, now I’m accounting for an extra 200 calories to be eaten after dinner. And that’s that.

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Today I “desserted” with TJ’s Chocolate Callets. I picked these up this weekend and fell in love. They are thin and just the right size and thickness to place on your tongue and let melt. IMG 0885 thumb Waving The White Flag

Dinner was a mixed bowl – broccoli, meatless crumbles, marinara sauce and cheese.IMG 0881 thumb Waving The White Flag

Served with a piece of TJ’s whole wheat sourdough and ICBINB.IMG 0882 thumb Waving The White Flag

Earlier I had a Fiber One bar, yogurt and a handful of cereal for a snack. Oh, and I stole a sip of Ben’s Frappacino (or 5 dollars worth of happiness as we like to call it).IMG 0874 thumb Waving The White Flag

Uh-oh. I’m already past computer curfew! I’ll see ya tomorrow icon smile Waving The White Flag

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  1. says

    Monica, I am so happy to hear you say this because I feel the EXACT same way. As much as I’ve tried, I just love having something a little sweet to end every day. So I make sure to account my “snack” for the day after dinner. I hate all those rules that say you shouldn’t eat after a certain time. That’s stupid! If I want to save my special treat until after dinner, than so be it! I’ve just stopped trying to fight it and just embrace it now. Life is much more content this way. ;)

  2. Alyssa says

    I totally agree – I seriously cannot go one day without dessert! I am so jealous of people who can – I wish I knew their secret. I also just plan for it in my day and that’s that. My friend and I actually talked about how we have anxiety when going to visit people overnight that they won’t have dessert for us and we have to sneak chocolates into our suitcase! Totally healthy and normal I know. I just started a grad class yesterday and apparently we can’t have food in there (it’s in a computer lab) and I was pretty much ready to walk out. Not cool.

  3. says

    Monica, I think you’re being wise by stopping the fight with yourself and just working with yourself instead. You go, girl!
    Oh..and I love letting chocolate just melt on my tongue, too. So satisfying.

  4. says

    I agree with just giving in to dessert, I did the same thing a few months back and it has made a huge difference. Knowing that I can have it and it isn’t taboo has made me crave it less, and also be satisfied with smaller portions because I know it won’t be forever before I can have any more.

  5. says

    I’m with you! Is it really worth saving those 200 calories if it means feeling tormented and tempted all the time? Especially when you know that “giving in” will help you stave off a binge later? AND when you know that you are overall in wonderful health, even with a small daily dessert? I say those 200 calories are no big deal!

  6. emily says

    monica…. i am just like you.. i MUST have a ‘treat’ after dinner. when i’m laying in bed watching tv, i CRAVE something. and I swear I cannot sleep because my stomach rumbles a little. What is the serving and calorie info on those TJ’s chocolates?? they look DELICIOUS!!! I Want SOME!!!!!!!

  7. JessicaE says

    Good for you! We are all human beings and we are all different. This is similar to someone who is a night owl making sure they don’t work early mornings. Its Your life, and there’s nothing wrong with making it work for you!!

  8. says

    I used to feel ashamed when I wanted something sweet after dinner. After a long while I decided not to feel guilty about it and just let it be. Now I find I need less sweet to satisfy at night which I find amazing.

  9. says

    I think your dessert decision is great! If you always want to eat something after dinner (I definitely fall into that category!), it’s going to happen, so why not plan for it? I think this’ll make you much happier!

  10. Martha says

    I’m most intrigued by the Taro chips, although they all sound delish!

    Also, I’m the same way about dessert — I decided about a year ago that I, too, would embrace my nighttime sweet tooth, so I have a reasonable sized dessert pretty much every night. It’s a nice way to end the day and it keeps me from over-doing it at other times!

  11. says

    That’s what I did. I try to save some calories during the day because I KNOW I will eat dessert. If not some sort of chocolate–then wine. :)

  12. says

    I’ve been having a major sweet tooth after dinner lately, I’ve beem enjoying those adora dark chocolates from HLS. those callets look good too.

  13. says

    The dessert thing? Great idea! I used to battle afternoon snacking a ton. I would eat so many calories between lunch and dinner that I would have to eat a super small dinner. I decided to just eat a small lunch so I can have 2-3 snack in the afternoon. I hate lunch anyways, it’s the worst meal of the day! I’d much rather eat my snacky snacks!

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