Back To The Scene of The Crime

I am notorious for returning to the scene of the crime. If I did something fun, but oh-so-wrong, then just wait for me to return. This goes for races, ex-boyfriends and decadent food.

Today I am coming clean and admitting that after class I made a pit stop for a treat (part of my $10 weekly allowance). I went back to Black Forest Bakery for a scone. Specifically, I went back for their Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Scone. If they didn’t have that kind I wasn’t going to get one at all – I promise!

But they did. Oh boy, did they ever.IMG_0915The Cinnamon Chocolate Chip is just like the Cinnamon in that it’s super moist on the inside – almost squishy. And the outer ring comes off in chunks to reveal the amazing center. IMG_0913 

For all you salty-not-sweet people – they also had a Cheddar Bacon Scone that changed Ben’s life. It is “the best thing and worst thing” he will ever eat. True story. IMG_0921

But, before my scone extravaganza…

Today is a rest day so I woke up and did 8 minute abs before jumping in the shower. I really want to start doing yoga or strength training on rest days because I think that’s what I’m missing from my training program. I plan to start going to yoga when I get back from vacation – especially since I’m back within driving distance of my fave place!

I made a quick healthy breakfast before heading off to class – cantaloupe filled with yogurt, cereals and chia seeds.

So pretty, so healthy :)IMG_0909

Since I had half a scone between breakfast and lunch I decided to keep lunch on the lighter side with an egg scramble. Tons of veggies cooked up with egg beaters…IMG_0924

Rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. This thing was super messy to eat, but it’s more fun that way.


Now I have to head to work. Tomorrow I will be catching up on blog work, emails and homework. Then, Ben and I are off to celebrate our honeymooniversary this weekend!

Remember when I mentioned that we don’t exchange presents, we usually go on a trip instead? Well, it’s time for our mystery trip and we’re leaving Saturday night.


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  1. says

    I love the idea of taking a vacation instead of buying each other useless junk to clutter the house. My husband and I just got married, but I think we’re going to make the ‘honeymooniversary’ a tradition, as well. Good thinking! 😉

  2. ida says

    A good scone is hard to come by, but when made well they are heavenly. I heard a piece on NPR about how it’s better to spend money on experiences than on stuff- more personal happiness comes from the experiences. So your honeymooniversary is a brilliant idea!

  3. says

    There are some things in life that are worth every single bite. I feel this way about Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. There are no regrets when something is that good! :)

  4. Lived in Wien! says

    Try Anusara yoga. It is the BEST! It’s great movement & really deals with how to deal with your life OFF the mat!

  5. Lorin says

    I had a donut today for breakfast for the first time in a year i think? So good, so bad. I actually don’t care too much about donuts, other pastries like cookies and 4-layer bars. If you ever go to san diego go to Pannikins! It’s an awesome bakery! That chocolate chip scone looks delish, i’m trying to imagine the texture of it but i’m sure it’s good. Scones always seem dry to me but that llooks super moist, like a chocolate chip cookie.

  6. Alyssa says

    The fact that you can eat only half a scone at one time makes you my hero. Cantaloupe “bowls” are one of my new favorite breakfasts too!

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