Greetings From Curacao

We made it!IMG_0048

It was a very long trip to get here, but we finally made. I forgot how rough red eye flights can be on your body. Even after running 20 miles Saturday morning I wasn’t able to completely knock out on the plane.

But, I was semi-productive over the long layover in Miami. I worked on RER a bit :) It makes me happy.

Since we were there so long we got empanadas for lunch. I got the spinach and cheese, IMG_0045 and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of spinach versus cheese. Filling something with veggies cancels out the fried aspect, doesn’t it?IMG_0046

Then, we arrived on an island in the sun! IMG_0077

This is the view from our balcony. You can see the ocean a bit past the palm trees.IMG_0057 

We immediately changed into our bathing suits and commenced drinking! IMG_0058

I don’t drink that often at home for various reasons. But, on vacation all bets are off.

Ben and I are staying at an all inclusive place and decided to hit up the Teppanyaki restaurant last night. It is a really gorgeous open air place on the beach, perfect for a warm summer night. IMG_0064

I have only been to a Teppanyaki place once before and I love watching your food being cooked right in front of you. Well, I love it until I see how much butter the chef uses on everything. But, it was very delicious.IMG_0065

We started with salad and sushi:IMG_0062 IMG_0061

And then the chef cooked up : noodles, chicken and beef (which I didn’t eat), fish and shrimp. IMG_0069

After dinner Ben and I grabbed dessert with some new friends. We shared this plate of goodies plus an unpictured cup of strawberry ice cream. IMG_0072There are obviously undocumented adult beverages going on too.

I woke up this morning feeling hung-over. Wait. No, I wasn’t hung-over. I was just wicked tired from staying up drinking all night 😉

But, I powered through and hit up the fitness center. Since I was feeling pretty rough I took it easy and did a few miles on the treadmill. Actually, I had no choice but to take it easy since the treadmills are from 1984 and don’t change speed. As much as I tried to increase the speed I could only do a slow jog.IMG_0076

I am not sure what the plans for today are, but I’ll see ya later!



  1. says

    Looks like you are both having a blast!! I have never tried empanadas but I’ve always wanted to!! haha and too funny about the gym equipment! I lucked out on my vacation…the hotel gyms were pretty updated!

  2. says

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND YOU because your humor and sarcasm just make my day. “I was hungover…no I was tired from staying up all night drinking” LOL–>we are soulmates lol. Have fun in the sun!


  3. Jen says

    Enjoy Curacao, it is such a wonderful island.
    After your trip, can you post the name of the AI you stayed at? I didn’t know there were any in Curacao. I would be interested in it for the future. Thanks!

  4. ida says

    The resort looks great! I love the ginger dressing on the salads served at sushi places, but it really does a number on the breath.

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