We signed up to take the shuttle into Willemstad today. Before we left we had breakfast and caffeinated up.

Ben was running late so I grabbed a couple of things that I knew he wanted before they were gone. So, I shared most of my pancakes and potatoes with him.IMG 0142 thumb Willemstad I love that there are a lot of healthy breakfast options too (you know, if I ever decide to go that route) – poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, wheat bread, fruit, oatmeal yogurt. IMG 0143 thumb Willemstad

I also had some yogurt with cereal and almonds. IMG 0145 thumb Willemstad

Willemstad is the capital of the Netherland Antilles. It has a population of about 125,000 and is only about two miles away from our resort. IMG 0156 thumb Willemstad

It’s super gorgeous since all the big buildings are painted very colorfully. The only unfortunate aspect of this excursion was it is super touristy. IMG 0151 thumb Willemstad IMG 0161 thumb Willemstad

Ben and I normally like to stay at hole-in-the-wall kinda places, eat local food and avoid tourist traps when it’s possible. Well, this was kinda tourist trap city, but we went with it and enjoyed the experience. IMG 0179 thumb Willemstad

There is a dock for cruise ships, which kind of makes the surrounding area ready and willing to overcharge for souvenirs and provide Subway and Ben & Jerry’s. There are also several casinos in the area. IMG 0153 thumb Willemstad

Supposedly, the Governor required all the buildings be painted in bright colors because he said all white buildings gave him a headache.

It turns out he had stake in the painting business and that’s why he required it! It sucks that he was a scammer, but it is a very pretty place.IMG 0177 thumb Willemstad 

After a while we walked up an appetite  and stopped to try a tuna empanada. It was okay. IMG 0187 thumb Willemstad 

We didn’t get our snack at this stand, but we might as well have considering it’s tuna in a fried pocket…

IMG 0166 thumb Willemstad 

I do really love that there are so many languages on the island – Dutch, Spanish and English. Signs are in all of the above and more. IMG 0180 thumb Willemstad

Labels are too…IMG 0173 thumb Willemstad

Ben is in coconut macaroon heaven by the way. IMG 0159 thumb Willemstad

We came upon a local open air market with fruits and veggies. IMG 0189 thumb Willemstad

There was a weird looking watermelon, but I’m not sure what it actually is called. I would have asked the vendor, but he was too busy trying to sell Ben tequila that was actually soda. Um sir, I understand what “sin alcohol” means.  IMG 0190 thumb Willemstad

After a few hours of walking around the city we headed back to hotel. It was around 1pm by then so we hit up the lunch line. I covered half my plate in veggies and the other half with carbs and protein. I’m trying to teach Ben this is how you do it. IMG 0195 thumb Willemstad He covered his plate with veggies too. Plus cake, which I stole some of.

When we got back up to the room the hotel delivered a complimentary bottle of champagne for Ben’s birthday!!!IMG 0200 thumb Willemstad

In honor of his B-day, here are some facts about Ben:

1. He doesn’t have a middle name. Which bothers me for some reason.

2. He is great at picking up languages, but cannot fake an accent for the life of him.

3. A twist of fate brought him to CA, but he’s originally from a little town in Florida.

4. His dad is a painter. Like a real one.

5. He loves anything coconut or almond flavored.

6. He’s a genius and is the hardest working person I know.

IMG 0175 thumb WillemstadHappy Birthday Grizz! I love you.

Update: My jellyfish sting is a lot better. You can barely see the stinger mark on my shoulder and the neck mark is fading too.


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    Happy Birthday Ben!! I have a friend who doesn’t have a middle name and I always thought it would be such a bummer, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it.

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